The Buthidars and Religion

The Buthidars is more an anti-religion than a religion. Within the group there will be people of many religions but I find religion often gets in the way. If you are a Christian and come across a basic tenet of the Muslim faith that you cannot believe in then that may cloud your ability to offer help, guidance, assistance to someone in need who follows that faith.
Therefore, I ask that people either leave their religion at home or convert to the new religion of Buthidarism which will enable them to help someone without any barriers of prevention.
You may meet people here who have a problem and you have an answer to it, speak out. Offer the hand of sister/brotherhood to a fellow human being.
Do one good deed a day at least as part of your new calling. It may be a smile to someone you travel with that generates a responding smile from them as they feel someone connect.
It may be opening a door for someone who will appreciate the gesture so much they will do it for someone else.
It may be a hug, and that may be the only hug of the day given to that person to show someone else cares. Maybe it lightens their load, and maybe it starts a chain reaction of hugs bringing people together.
Maybe one day we’ll have a Buthidar Worldwide Day of Hugs bringing nations together.
Once started there’s no saying just how much you can achieve and you may yet end up running the Buthidar group in your own area and forging the path towards peace.

4 Responses to The Buthidars and Religion

  1. Decades ago they used to talk about “hug therapy” a lot, and the importance of a simple hug. In stead people don’t even make eye contact… Hugs to you David. 🙂

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    • davidprosser says:

      Thanks Teagan, you’re an angel. You’re right, few people bother with eye contact and physical contact seems to be saved for family and yet people used to greet with hugs and sometimes with kisses which gives a person a real boost. I want to go back to that time, one hug at a time if necessary.
      xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

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  2. I looked up the word, David. I feel I can practice my religous beliefs and still be kind to people. Jesus taught us to be kind to others and forgive. I follow the basic Ten Commandments, but also the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. You’ll also find nothing kinder than the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy: Feed the hungry; Give drink to the thirsty; Cloth the naked; Shelter the homeless; Visit the sick; Visit the imprisoned; Bury the dead. Nowhere is there the word Christians. We’re supposed to do that for all people. St. Francis of Assisi actually hugged and cared for lepors which not many did in those days. He followed the example of Jesus who did the same. Jesus died for us while saying on the cross, “”Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He forgave and prayed for his enemies. I’m in no way saying Christians are the only people who care for others, but we all have to work together to help each other. That’s what I believe. That’s what I taught my children. True religion teaches us to love our neighter, to be people of peace. Some people distort religion for their own means. All religions have at some time been guilty of that. 🙂 Hugs. Suzanne

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    • davidprosser says:

      Hi Suzanne, yes there are plenty of people who can practise their beliefs and be kind to people as there are plenty who can be kind to people without having a belief in anything other than the people they help.What you call the ten commandments include things which every single person in the world should follow but which at one time or another have not been practised by the heads of the very churches you follow. Again the works of mercy are acts which should be the normal thing to do because someone needs it. It should be second nature to everyone. I think these are things that should be taught in schools you see, taught to all children and not to certain children of one faith while those of another faith have to go elsewhere.
      I believe Jesus was a real person and probably a very nice man following these rules of life but I think he was just a normal man of normal birth.Some hundreds of years before Jesus, Mithras was worshiped and was credited with a virgin birth, 12 disciples, a teacher who traveled preaching, who spent time in the desert etc, etc. When Christianity was forced on the Roman Legions, they carried these stories and placed them on Jesus in order to keep Mithras alive.They were carried to the bible which a Roman Emperor and an the Christian Bishops decided should only contain certain stories about Jesus.And that was long after the death of Jesus so no-one knew what stories were true anyway.
      Yes, some religions distort religion for their own purposes, and maybe all religions have been guilty. The Muslim fundamentalists and the Christian fundamentalists both are still doing it (Westboro Church and others) creating hate where the normal people are happy to live in peace.Who controls the oil has much to do with what happens now.
      If all children are taught the same things about love and respect and caring I see the world as a better place.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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