Search for the hero

The Coronavirus or Covid19 is a quite deadly virus that seems to be able to reeinfect those who’ve already had it. and it may be mutating, negating and vaccines we come up with. And yet. there are Heroes out there who help people ill in the streets as there are Heroes galore with our doctors and nurses and support staff who put their lives on the line every day, and sadly whom we lose. Hug them when you see them.

There are dangers out here too amongst the people in lockdown. Some people are climbing the walls feeling oppressed. There are drinkers cut off from their pubs. There are wives and children in danger of violence from partners who find a way to blame their families for everything. You must get away. Call the police and have them take you to a place of safety. Don’t put up with assault from your family. Get away.

I can’t get through enough the benefit of Hugs, and in the blog heading I list the benefits of hugs, some of which might surprise you but I don’t believe I mentioned virtual hugs which might have benefits too. If someone feels hugged they will start feeling good about themselves and better towards others.A small gesture like a hug can go quite a long way. Try it and enjoy it.


Despite these heartbreaking and very trying times we needn’t forget to be a hero. Don’t let the four walls crush you. Take a walk and if you come across any neighbours on their own make sure you talk to them. Either through a window or at least 6 feet away if the window is open.You may be able to get them things they’re short of. Don’t let anyone feel alone and friendless. They may have family who refuse to visit because they can’t go in because they don’t want to risk passing something on. People can soon get lonely and a friendly voice helps a lot.

Be a Hero, share a hug. Look after yourselves and stay safe.