Post Brexit Trade Deals

It seems that recently Boris Johnson (BoJo) signed a trade deal with Trump. It’s for chlorinated chicken. This is chicken which after being slaughtered then is gutted and given a final chlorinated wash to remove any bacteria. Pathogen Reduction Treatment. Since 1997 it’s been a bone of contention with the US that this chicken has not been allowed into Europe. While we were in the EU we agreed with this regulation based on the fact our treatment of the chicken was much better all along the supply chain so it takes no chemical treatment to have it ready. My question would be, Why are we dropping our standards? If we held to higher standards in the past shouldn’t they remain high ?

I was a Brexiteer who thought we’d be able to rub along with the EU once we’d achieved Brexit.That’s not likely to be the case if our PM starts signing trade agreements like this.It’s like wetting your finger and sticking it in their ear.Annoying. I’m afraid the Country could end up standing the cost of this contract and having to dispose of the goods if Supermarkets don’t want to take them though that’s unlikely to  be them all if they get a good deal.

I’d ask that we tell BoJo thanks but no thanks. We want to keep to our standards, allow the Americans to keep their chickens.

Another little worry is that Trump hasn’t been his usual happy self because he wants to get Hormone Fed Beef into Europe. I can only imagine that  these hormones are to bulk out the cattle instead of natural growth but much more important in this case is that one of the hormones the cattle are treated with is a significant danger of  causing cancer. We must not be guilty of dropping our standards and putting the population at risk just to obtain a trade deal. Far better to  trade with someone else who maintains the same or better high standards as we do.

Hugs to  you All and safety in the continuing Coronavirus.