I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

I want the world to live in peace. I want an end to the wasteful loss of life. How many times might we have killed the one person who could end cancer had they been allowed to live? It looks like the World isn’t ready to grant my wish so I’m ready to start small as per this great post by Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I protest.

I protest against the poverty and hunger in which so many children are forced to live by failing societies where greed is an economic norm. In the UK, alone, one in four children officially live in poverty… yet it is relative poverty. In many countries, poverty is the norm and means utter deprivation of even the most basic necessities. Every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger and its consequences. Almost nine hundred children die every day because they have no access to clean water.

I protest against the denial of medical care to any child. Every year, over 13 million children less than 5 years die from illnesses which could have been avoided or treated.

I protest against eager minds denied education in a world where so many have access to so much. Over a hundred million children, the adults of our own future, are growing…

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Targeting Music Fans

May 22nd 2017, Manchester U.K.

Last night in Manchester there were reported to be at least 22 dead and 50 injured outside a pop concert starring Ariana Grande. It’s suspected that the atrocity was committed by a suicide bomber. The dead and injured included children.

While I can’t say that Moslems don’t have a reason to want revenge for the killing of their own people in their own countries by the West, killing children is not the way to achieve understanding. Since there’s a good chance that there will have been Moslems in the crowd at the concert, your indiscriminate killing hurts your cause. Especially as the Q’ran doesn’t advocate this kind of violence.

Terrorism is not the way to bend the faithful to your will, nor is taking away the rights of women and refusing them education. It’s time now to bring peace to all our countries and to have East and West in harmony. I offer hugs to all those who think me an enemy.

I’m so, so sorry for all the death and injuries in Manchester. I send my sympathy to all the victims and their families.

Hugs to the World


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Time for understanding

Yet again it looks like there are terrorists at work. Today an SUV vehicle ploughed into a group of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London. It’s possible that a group of students from France were part of that group.

I understand the vehicle struck the fence of the Parliament complex. The driver of the SUV entered the grounds where he stabbed a Policeman to death. At that point, other policemen from the protection group shot and killed the terrorist. I know that at least two of the pedestrians struck on the bridge have died. Police and ambulances were there quickly. No-one was sure whether this man was acting alone or maybe a diversion for other attacks. Police were on high alert. Maybe the incident on the bridge was the diversion for the terrorists to try and reach other targets but there was nothing else found by security forces.

That this was a terrorist attack seems highly likely but as yet it isn’t known if it’s a home grown one or an immigrant. What is sure is that given the number of immigrants here we are lucky that so few are terrorists and the rest are as horrified as we are.

I’m purposely not providing a description so that people who look similar are not targeted by the vindictive unthinking people who dislike any immigration. Instead I’m speaking to the rest of you. We need immigrants. Please only treat those that deserve it with any disrespect. Smile at strangers, hug if you can and let them know you can see they are not terrorists. Defuse any hate.

My sympathy for those who lost their lives today and for the family and friends they leave behind. Lets hope these are the last.

Hugs to all.                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday 22.03.2017


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I Believe…

Whatever side you say you’re on you cannot disagree with this. Each of these claims has been shown to be true in such a short space of time. For the sake of all the people these points must be properly addressed and corrected.

Art by Rob Goldstein

If you agree with this post sign your name with a link to your blog in the comments section and reblog the post.

You don’t have to be a citizen of the United States to sign this!

You can also copy the text and use it as a post on your own blog.

Thank you to Karen Kleis for sharing this with me.

I Believe….

I believe that Donald Trump, his Cabinet and administration, and his Republican enablers in Congress are a real and active threat to me, and
to the people I love.

Trump says he won the election and wants us to “work together” to
“Make America Great Again”.

This is my response:

•I will not forget how badly he and so many others treated former President Barack Obama for 8 years.

•I will not “work together” to privatize Medicare, cut Social Security and Medicaid.

•I will not…

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Has the wind changed?

Despite suffering from depression I’m normally fairly upbeat. I’ve seen the winds of change wash over various Governments as they become aware just how important the issue of the environment is to more and more people. And the issue of terrorism throughout the world

Now I wonder if the wind has changed direction again.A huge number of people in America voted for Trump despite the things he said during his campaign. Could it be that people’s interest in the environment is starting to wane, at least in the United States?

Trump has declared that he will back out of the Paris accords on Global Warming and America’s agreement to reduce it’s carbon footprint. After years of trying to get America to commit to this,  you finally think you’ve won and this happens.So half the population have lost interest? He also declares that a few million square miles of Federal lands will be sold off (That’s National Parks people!!) for more drilling for oil and mining or fossil fuels.Federal lands belong to the people really so it’s wrong to sell them off to his friends in the oil and mining industries.Up goes America’s carbon footprint. Trump can give the finger to Europe and to future generations of American children too.

While the majority of the West are trying to show support for Muslims and let them see we know they are not all terrorists, but suffer from terrorism at home worse than we do, Trump is going all out to offend them by stopping travel to America by 7 different Muslim Countries. The excuse for this is to keep terrorism out of the United States, despite the fact America has not suffered any terrorism at the hands of these countries.America did however suffer terrorism on a huge scale on 7/11 and yet travel from the Countries from which the terrorists came is not affected. I have to wonder if that’s because Trump has business interests in those places yet none in the 7 Countries affected.

There seems to be (or hopefully have been) a renewed interest in the far right in certain Countries.Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, some Eastern bloc Countries and France. Until now I wasn’t too worried as I basically had enough faith in the people not to vote them in. That was until America decided to do just that.A President in power who leans to white supremacy and neo-Naziism. A man who can appoint white supremacists to positions of power inside his Government.People also who can tell lies and call them alternate truths.

I know there’s been a promise of jobs under this man and that America badly needs jobs now but the previous Government was doing well with the unemployment levels. I’m not sure how many jobs Trump can create unless it’s for bricklayers but once that wall is built and visitors stop coming through I think you’ll find a lot of job losses on the U.S. side of the border as the border shops have no-on to sell to any more. The President of Mexico will be angry of course at the insults thrown his way as no doubt are some other heads of Countries also insulted by Trump’s actions.

There has to be a way to reverse this trend and get the World back to the way it was when lessons were learned about the Nazis and their ways and about protecting the environment for future generations. Don’t cast your vote for the far right and in America make sure no Republicans are voted in next year and get rid of your mentally ill President while you can.

Sending Hugs to all for a great week



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Why ?

Like many other people outside America I’m still stunned at the election of Donald Trump. Many of his election promises must have sounded good to a lot of people and that’s a thought I have to cling to rather than believe that racial prejudice is running as strongly as it ever did. As for Trump himself, despite having taken advantage of the low wages accepted by foreign labour I can well believe his prejudices.

In the week since his inauguration we’ve seen him sign documents to commence building a wall along the border with Mexico.No doubt some people believe this will cure all the ills of the US but how many have considered the down sides? Mexico is never going to pay for the building, it has no need to. So, the cost will likely land fair and square on the American citizen unless it gets added to the National debt. Further though is the likelihood that less visitors will come from Mexico so there will be job losses and a loss of income for border traders.

We’ve now also seen a document signed disallowing visitors into the Country from 7 places abroad. Noticeably these places are all Muslim Countries which is like saying All Muslims are bad Muslims which simply isn’t the case…..at least for now but Trump is going out of his way to make enemies of them all. Amongst all those held at airports after de-planing is at least one Muslim who actually worked for the U.S.in his own country and now needs a place of safety. Once again I suggest there will be a big loss of income to the US as well as questions asked at the diplomatic level by other Countries.

At 5.15 am this morning I read a post that said a New York Judge had overturned Trump’s declaration as being Unconstitutional. he UCLA had also intended to take out law suits against him by a variety of clients. Hurrah for human decency.

Various Government departments have had  gag order from Trump so that they cannot report to the public new findings in fields like the Environment.Global warming it seems is not just to be denied but hidden too.

Following the various demonstrations held about the appointment of Trump and of the various appointments made by him 6 reporters have been arrested and may be charged with various things like inciting a riot , taking part in one or anything else that can be thought of. At the moment I don’t know if this is because the police have a grudge against the fourth estate or because Trump has declared war on them.                                               What is the biggest surprise to me is that the papers are not in uproar and filling their front pages with this story about an attack on their own. Surely they can’t be running scared of Trump, it’s their job to report on him and what he does. A suggestion by his white supremacist press secretary that they shut up and wait should not cow them. Come on chaps, grow a pair and support your own as well as keeping your public up to date with what happens in Government without fear or favour.

The world is never going to be a better place if we continue to tolerate the hate  and prejudice seen here. W cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by our politicians. They must be made to remember they work for us and under our instruction no matter their own personal feelings. If they can’t do that, or will only work to fill their own snouts at the trough then they must go.

Speak to your representatives and ask them to vote against further moves to ban refugees as a humanitarian gesture. Bring a little more love to the World.

Hands shake in agreement while embracing the world


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Love Over Hate

I choose to be one of those that choose Love over Hate. Maybe we can encourage some politicians to follow the same path.

A Momma's View

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Christmas 2016

Here we are at Christmas 2016. Has the World improved since this time last year? Not a lot.
Hopefully with the fall of Aleppo and the current removal of all the civilians from the last remaining parts of the city all the Western soldiers will feel able to depart Syria. With Russian forces there and no-one wanting to confront them we’ll have to let things fall as they will. If wee go in to take Assad out and put him on trial the killing of civilians will probably continue under the Russians and we could end up at war with them if we interfere.


In America my friends are worried because the President elect is continuing to appoint totally inappropriate people to his cabinet posts. He himself is still making statements about what he’ll do when January is over. It doesn’t always make sense but when it does you can guarantee it’s usually something nasty designed either to hurt the planet or to hurt the gay community. It seems Mr Trump and the Republicans don’t believe in live and let live. Since they now control both houses and will also control the judiciary it looks like they can do as they like. And with appointees in all the key positions in direct opposition to what the Office is for it seems climate change will take a bashing and the opening of more coal mines and oil fields will go ahead. The Country may never recover.


So, as we approach Christmas Day 2016 I shall be hoping the World can achieve a little more peace as the year changes and that mankind might find his taste for killing his own kind has left but his taste for rebuilding and for tolerance have grown.

I shall also be hoping that Trump will surprise everyone with a change of heart. Where the coal mines are left untouched and global warming is accepted as the threat it is. Maybe he’ll leave Gay marriage in place, accepting that gays have the same rights as the rest of us to love.

We’ll have to enter 2017 with an air of hope and eternal optimism.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Brilliant New Year.

Hugs to You All.

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Uncomplicated thoughts: Universal gifts

The Best Present of All.


Hands shake in agreement while embracing the world Giving hands of hope, love and peace

understanding, hope, love, peace

No bows or seasonal paper, no tape, no wrapping

Give these gifts

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December 2016.

Tomorrow is December 1st and we start the month when typically loving and giving are to the fore.  It seems an automatic thing to keep in mind the persons you are buying gifts for. Usually family or friends but sometimes the Secret Santa for someone at work you don’t know very well. Nonetheless there you are making a great effort to find just the right thing.

Also sharing our lives at this time may be people who don’t celebrate Christmas with us, like followers of Islam or the Jewish faith. That they don’t share the celebration is no reason to exclude them from the smiles you find yourself granting to others. They in turn are always ready to share the joy of their own celebrations with you.                                         It would be wonderful if those smiles could be extended beyond this new month though and at last a genuine understanding of what peace can bring could be found in the recognition that we are all one under the skin.

If we can find within us acceptance of all people and make the extra effort to enjoy the differences that make us so special individually then maybe at last we can ALL concentrate on repairing the planet for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. We can find new eco-friendly ways to generate electricity and allow those huge holes from mining to repair themselves over time. We can stop destroying the planet further by fracking for oil, especially at the expense of all those communities who have said no to it but had their wishes overridden.

I hope the new month brings you all great joy and that those of you who celebrate it have a Wonderful Christmas. Massive Hugs to Everyone whatever your beliefs.

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