Find the Hero

In these harrowing times it’s hard too find someone that doesn’t know a victim of Coronavirus or Covid 19. Especially hard if you live in the Lombardy region of Italy, say Milan. The place has been devastated as the virus swept through. There have been many deaths throughout the expected age group and sorrowfully some in the age groups you’d expect survival. The question is whether you could comfort someone you found in the grips of the illness or would you just phone for an ambulance and  wait for the best.

It’s my guess that you’d find the hero inside yourself and hug the person filling them with human warmth until help arrived. It’s what I would want to do and what I hope would happen to me. But I would not want to catch the virus or pass it on. The only way to avoid this is by wearing a mask if you have one.I’m afraid calling on your God doesn’t appear to have paid dividends, though perhaps Lady Luck has, capricious as she is.

We’re still in a period of lockdown and I hope the powers that be won’t bring an end to that in  order to kickstart the economy thus putting money before people and badly misjudging the timing of the virus dying down. A second flare up could be deadly and more of a problem if the virus has mutated and we don’t have anything like a vaccine for it.I know the lockdown will have some people climbing the walls.In some  instances I know this can lead to violence to wife or children. Please don’t hang about if this happens, despite promises it will never happen again, it  does.Call the police and get taken to safety. If you have hugs for your children they will always feel loved and reassured.

You’re going to feel trapped sometimes as the walls close in on you and make it seem you’re confined to a box. Take a walk even  if  it’s only round your own garden. Keep an eye open for elderly people on their own who may be  feeling the same as you. Try and have a conversation with them through a closed window or from at least 6 feet away if the window is open. If they are short of something perhaps you’ll be able to  get it for them. Make sure there are plenty of virtual hugs to keep them feeling safe and protected.There’s a list of the  things a hug can achieve at the beginning if this blog and I’m sure you can find ways to share them when the need arises. But remember if you see someone in need don’t hesitate. You’ve got hugs to spare.

Hugs to everyone. We’ll get over this and life will return to almost normal.