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Well, it happened. I wasn’t watching closely enough and it crept up on me. January 18th 2021 Martin Luthor King Day, Blue Monday, Thesaurus Day, and not to forget Winnie the Pooh Day. It was also the day no-one would … Continue reading

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It’s been just a week since one of the most sickening events in American History, some say since my lot were over there kicking ass before having our collective asses kicked. Whenever it was, and whatever it was are irrelevant … Continue reading

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Yesterday, January 6th 2021 will be a day long remembered in the history books. I saw something I never thought to witness outside of a Banana Republic. A Western Nation go to war with itself. There was armed insurrection in … Continue reading

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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

There was a time this blog would only contain posts relating to peace in the world and the value of Hugs. Of equality and of reminding the world if we have, we must not stint of sharing. We cannot accept … Continue reading

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The World Turns a mite strangely

A little over two weeks ago the US had elections for President as well as some Senators and representatives. I’m quite sure most of you remember it since TV’s and newspapers the world over covered it along with the usual … Continue reading

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Hey, Lovely People… It’s #WorldKindnessDay

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? ? It’s Friday. TGIF, right? Also, it’s the 13th. Which means, well, it’s Friday the 13th. So… Spooky, creepy, unlucky, and all that jazz. But here’s a cool thing about today: It’s World Kindness…

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The Pressure Builds.

In Wales we are under a Firebreak Lockdown. That’s new rules on top of the Lockdown I mentioned in my last post. It was set to last 17 days and if the Gods are smiling it should end on November … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early.

At the end of last week I received my first Christmas present. It was sent by my wife’s sister and her husband who say our Post Office will be working a four day week at that time and will be … Continue reading

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Pentatonix ~ Mad World

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Insulin Rules

Over this last 5 weeks I’ve spent 3 weeks in hospital. I was first admitted full of hallucinations and then released when I seemed to come to myself again. They found an infection which they blamed for the problem. I … Continue reading

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