About The Buthidars

The Buthidars is a religion free Order where people of all ages, colours and creeds can come together as one all-inclusive group united towards seeing peace in the world.
You will hear ( from me ) about Hugs as I maintain you can’t hug with a weapon in your hands.
You will see the reason I think Hugs are important to us as people, ourselves and others.
You will I hope learn to understand why I ask people to leave religion at the door as they visit and if they still need it, to collect it at the door as they leave.

25 Responses to About The Buthidars

  1. If all human and we thought, would only exist on earth peace and love. Hugs and thanks for sharing such an excellent blog. 😀

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    • davidprosser says:

      Thank you very much for sharing my thoughts Gloria Maria. Peace on Earth is possible if enough of us care about it. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    • SoundEagle says:

      Agreeing with pensamientos de vida!

      SoundEagle has been giving hugs for a long time. At SoundEagle’s website, you can always access a widget entitled “Play Relaxing Music to SoundEagle for Hugging You with·LOVE 💖🦋”.

      Happy mid-October to you, David!


      • davidprosser says:

        Well done SoundEagle, there are few enough of us about with the hugs. Now I’m not sure if I should have a widget to play with or whether my widget is widget enough.
        Welcome to you and Happy Mid-October and Autumn colours.

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      • SoundEagle says:

        Thank you, David. I would also like to inform you that the widget entitled “Play Relaxing Music to SoundEagle for Hugging You with·LOVE 💖🦋” can actually play relaxation music to you if your computer device is Flash-enabled. Please enjoy!

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  4. What a marvelous idea for a blog and indeed a fabulous way to promote positive change in the world. I’ve never thought of Hugs in this way and I can only conclude that you’re absolutely right.Thank you and Hugs!

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  5. TanGental says:

    How did I not know about this? Come over from Donna’s post and there you are, offering a free hug (as opposed to a hug free) message. Sign me up David.

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  7. Love your new Avatar David, it was the first thing I noticed this morning. Also, I don’t know how this particular blog of yours escaped my attention but I’m glad I found it. Have a stupendous day!! Oh and great BIG HUGS to you. xoxoxox

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  8. Have just come across this blog, why have you not mentioned it? Love the idea, I keep away from politics as there is enough rubbish in the news. I will now follow and I want more hugs xxxx

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  9. Thom Hickey says:

    Hugs gratefully received and returned.

    Regards Thom.

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  10. Hi David, I would love to join that group! Peace would be wonderful. K D

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