The Era of an End.

Some songs stick out in the memory years after they came out. Some for good reasons, some for bad and that always depends on who you are and these days whether you were born or not in the Dark Ages of 1968 when this particular one came out. This is the only record by them I ever remember hearing.

Julie Driscoll, Brian Ager &Trinity -Wheels on Fire 1968

From 1972 is a brilliant Soul record by the Detroit Emeralds. I’m playing this version rather than losing my lunch over a later version ‘danced’ to by Legs and Coo on our Top of The Pops.

Detroit Emeralds- Feel the Need in Me 1972

Back to 1968 now and a group that had been on the scene for a couple of years and were influential and always around the top. This one was a little different.

Small Faces- Lazy Sunday Afternoon 1968

Up to 1970 now. I always liked this record but freely admit I wasn’t sure of what the content meant. It has been some years since I heard it so maybe I’m old enough to understand now.

Freda Payne- Band of Gold 1970

All the way up to 1976 now with another group who proved to be very influential. They hardly put a foot wrong with their own hit factory but they also produced and recorded for a lot of upcoming groups

This is a highly talented group of people. Sadly they later split into two and went their own way with the lead duo Godley and Creme continuing the good work.

10CC- The things we do for love 1976

This may be my last music or any other post. I have to retreat from the world again. I have made many friends from the kind people who visit and comment and there’s no doubting I will miss that warmth, and the fun that I feel. Forgive me please, you are not undervalued.

Thank You.

Please keep the spare hugs handy for those in need/

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