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Aidez moi. Help !

There’s a record I like very much. But due yo my advanced terminal stupidity I can neither remember the name of the groul, m The song title or even a snatch of the tune. All I have is a recollection … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wales. Croeso y Cymru.

Wales is known as The Land of Song. This is chiefly because we have more Male Voice Choirs per square inch than any other place on earth. Most of these came from the coal miners of the South Wales Valleys … Continue reading

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Pride and Shame.

Many times in my life I’ve been proud of my country. Proud to say I’m from the UK A few times I’ve felt great shame. Today is one of those days where if asked where I’m from, I shall say … Continue reading

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Names in Songs

Many songs have been written that may name the muse of the writer, may name the person who gave the writer a particular event in their life or may just be chosen because it rhymes easily with something else. Here … Continue reading

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Monster Mish-Mash

Or, where my mind takes me. And for a start it takes me back to an old favourite straight away. Let’s slip back to 1973. Back to 1968 now and a truly unusual record. 1985 next finds one of my … Continue reading

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Today we start the progresssion in 1961 with a singer who had 24 hits in the 1960’s without ever having a number 1. He spent 332 weeks in the UK Charts. Born in 1940 he died in 1983. Our next … Continue reading

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Letters from an American August 2, 2021

It’s not very often I re-blog a post but when one has a voice and a message as powerful as this, well it’s no contest. When some people’s conservative ‘values’ can be used to suppress the wishes of the majority … Continue reading

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