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Having been awarded a prize for singing at a very young age I’ve developed a love of music and of certain artistes over a large number of years. Most of it starting in the 60’s going up to the 90’s … Continue reading

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Review by Jemima Pett.

Jemima Pett Writing and reviews with an environmental, science fiction, and fantasy touch Book Review | The Queen’s Envoy by David Prosser The Queen’s Envoy: a prequel. I’ve been sitting on my copy (well, not literally, since that would break … Continue reading

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A New Claws Comes Into Effect.

Let me start by saying I’m not mad. No more than normal anyway and I prefer eccentric if you don’t mind. Just because you haven’t seen Oscar’s ghost yet doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. After all, when the minor g*d … Continue reading

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