Nil Illegitimi Carborundum Desperandum or Do you sprechen Latin?

Another new week and on Monday night I didn’t sleep. Not from lack of trying, but from fear that my alarm would not go off at 5.30 am Tuesday morning. I tried to go to sleep at 3.00 am but found myself giving up after about forty minutes. I wondered if I could test the alarm but being a Luddite I knew the technology would take me longer than the less than two hours I needed to wait for it to go off. I managed to tur it off quite quickly for me and still had time to dress before leaving the house at 6.20 am. I was almost fully coordinated with maroon jeans, maroon shirt with trendy Mandarin collar and my red waistcoat. Even my shoes were a shade of red and very comfortable. If I couldn’t sneak through customs as as I crossed the border with England at least I could run away. After a quick trot through town, stopping only to divert to the big Tesco store to use the loo, I was soon ensconced in Cafe Nero awaiting the appearance of my grandchildren on their way to school. I needed to see Yvonne as Cafe Nero’s wasn’t accepting cash and I hadn’t brought my card out. The tin of sweets I took after so long allowed them to kindly offer me my coffee while I waited for my payment to arrive. Such trust. Yvonne brought the children over to the cafe side of the road and didn’t warn them I’d be there. Both girls walked past without so much as a glance but my grandson did a double take and through the glass I saw him mouth ‘Pops’ which brought the girls back. I could see Yvonne was laughing. They all came in and as Yvonne ordered and paid for my drink I gave the kids their weekly treat of chocolate to eat on the way to school. I got another hug as they left and sat feeling the warmth of grandkids as I waited for Yvonne to return from dropping them off.

Yvonne ordered a drink for herself and sat looking at the dresses I’d bought for the girls and the shirt and waistcoat for Roobs who likes to be dapper. Apparently one of his favourite outfits currently is his black leather waistcoat and a pair of fingerless black leather gloves I bought him. I’d tell you what I’ve bought him for his birthday but I’m not sure I trust you enough not to blab before then. I will say that I’m gently leading him away from the Henchmen look ( a local Biker group) but I suppose it’s my fault for wearing the same. I told Yvonne I wasn’t happy with the dresses and she allowed me to buy two more dresses as the morning wore on. I also bought a pair of jeans I thought my son in law (AKA my son or Ugo) might wear and hoping the colour would be good on him. I daresay I’ll have to face the (don’t buy me any presents till my birthday) music when I see him on Friday. We started heading for a mid morning coffee when I was approached by a street vendor of a magazine for the homeless called The Big Issue. I didn’t want the magazine but I was happy to give her a couple of pounds to get a coffee or to put towards her stay at a hostel that night. I was just handing over the money when a passing stranger said “Eeh lad (me a lad?) don’t let the b*stards grind you down.” Paus for though left me with no wonder there are so many homeless if that’s your only charitable donation. Of course he was nowhere in sight for any smart-ass retort. After coffee we both shopped for a few things we needed at home then headed for the bus station so I could catch my bus. I found I couldn’t use the loo before I left. I was hoping the one and a half hour journey wouldn’t be too challenging because of that. I nodded off for most of the journey but didn’t miss my stop. When I got off I had to pick up speed as he urge was upon me. Would I be able to get home in time. I did. Afterwards I had to face severe criticism (and probably sarcasm) because I hadn’t undone his cage before I let for the bus. Only after I’d apologised and grovelled a bit was it OK to go and concentrate on my lunch.

Thus far the cease fire is holding on the Gaza strip. I’m pleased and hope that amongst those meeting to find a lasting peace are those with a genuine need to help and not just those with an agenda of their own. I think a two state solution would be best if we can’t have a single state jointly ruled by both Arabs and Israelis where the Palestinians have lands restored to them as near to the original boundaries as possible. The Palestinians could perhaps agree to taking over the property in what are the occupied territories as landlords or could even agree to the sale of the land to the tenants and/or occupying some of the land themselves if the Israelis didn’t want to stay.

In America the controversy rages on about the new voter laws some states are adopting which obviously disenfranchises a lot of people, the majority of whom would be likely to vote for the Democrats in any election. his cannot b construed as anything but legalised theft, as cheating. Yet the Republicans GOP does not seem either willing or able to create any viable policies for anyone to vote on. They’re expecting only that their own base will be enough to carry them through once everyone else’s vote no longer exists. The Democrats still seem to have some excellent policies that will benefit everyone regardless of party but Mitch McConnell has already warned that he will filibuster all of them regardless. The Democrats are to achieve nothing so that they will lose the mid-term elections in 2022. I find it a strange way for a party to win power, by having no policies of their own and as part of a Union, being allowed to cheat so blatantly. It’s almost as if the GOP consider the Country to be two separate entities and no Union at all. Another thing I find strange is the seeming power of the Evangelists in all this. A group who call themselves Christians who are happy to see all these people disenfranchised which is anything but Christian. And thy are pushing for the Supreme Court to revisit Obergefell v Hodges to have same sex weddings made illegal, to stop women having the right to decide about their bodies by having abortion made illegal, to stop people having their sex changed in order to tie in with the way thy identify and no doubt to legalise Interventions by the Church to try and make gay people ‘straight’ again as though being gay was a choice. As I commented to a friend this week, if there are 5000 religions on Earth, no-one can tell me theirs is the right one until they’ve studied the other 4,999 and found them wanting. It’s also odd that when they say their G*d is the one and only that there are another 4.999 serving their followers, or not as in the case of the Christian G*d who allows the slaughter of innocents whenever there is a conflict, as there always is. Bring on the Buddhists.

I wish you all a great rest of the week and send Hugs galore.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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17 Responses to Nil Illegitimi Carborundum Desperandum or Do you sprechen Latin?

  1. Keith says:

    David, starting from the end, you covered a wide variation with The Youngbloods to Wilson-Phillips.

    As for the Republican Party in the US, both parties tell untruths and cheat, but the Republicans have taken it to an extreme level. The party knows the demographics do not favor them, so around the 2010 midterms, they rode an anti-Obama (some would call it racist) wave to recapture the House and Senate and many state legislatures. This is when a conservative business group called ALEC started writing cookie cutter voter suppression and gerrymandering laws that permitted a more fervent group of legislators to get elected.

    Many of these laws were ruled unconstitutional and they were reworked, but the damage had been done. One judge called it “surgical discrimination” while one Republican leader was caught in an interview saying the laws were designed to “kick Democrats’ butts.”

    Then along came the former president with his fragile, but large ego and his difficulty telling the truth (these are words used before he became president). One attorney who worked for him named Thomas Wells said “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.” So, as predicted by many, he declared election fraud on the night of the election and still claims it although it would be hard for him to lose more court cases on the subject than he has.

    Yet, his sycophants, to garner his egomaniacal support, have pretended everything this untruthful person said is true and have gone about lying and changing voter laws. The lack of respect to oaths of office is staggering. Yes, one can disagree with Democrats or Republicans on policy, but the US Republican party is adrift with its lone currency being deceit. That is sad, as we need better governance and we are not getting it.

    Keith (independent and former member of both parties)

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    • davidprosser says:

      I agree with you Keith, Better Governance is needed. In a two party system you need both parties to take part offering policies for debate and being elected on the best policies. One side are trying to ensure they will get into power without having anything to offer the electorate. I’m hoping Trump will b languishing in jail before the mid terms and that the DoJ will have sorted out any charges to be made against any Politicians as a result of involvement in Jan 6th as I’m fed up of seeing the snowstorms made to deflect from any investigations.

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  2. Your rush home read like a thriller, David. As far as politics go, I think they are all dirty. Glad the cease-fire is still holding.

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  3. suze hartline says:

    um, i’m not an illegitimate despicable rat? good to know. (six years latin)

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  4. jilldennison says:

    I’m really glad you made it home on time, so as not to add to your laundry pile!

    I second all that Keith said about the current state of the GOP and the despicable methods they are using in order to attempt to turn this country into one where only wealthy white people have a voice in government. And on the topic of religion … you already know my feelings. I think that if there were NO religions, none at all, the people on this planet would get along much better. Religions … almost every single one of them … make arbitrary rules in an attempt to force everyone into their little box. And governments use those religions to keep the cattle in the corral, or as Marx famously called religion, “the opiate of the masses”.

    Good post … you covered lots of bases here from fun (loved hearing how the girls walked right past, but Roobs did a double take) to the serious.


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    • davidprosser says:

      I try very hard to make it in time as I hate the thought of Margaret’s cat’s laughing at me and Joey hanging his head in shame. I hate the way all the Religions jockey for the top spot as the one and only True One with no more proof than the least but tries to enforce itself as the State Religion, instead of just a joyous thing shared between willing believers. I’m glad I covered enough ground for you. The sublime to the ridiculous.

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      • jilldennison says:

        Poor Joey … that would be such an embarrassment for him! These days I hate everything about religion … they make up the rules to suit their mood, and every religion promotes exclusion rather than inclusion, incites fear and hatred of any who dare to be different. Sigh.

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  5. yvettecarol says:

    I’ve never understood how each religion can compete against the other, with no you’re wrong and we’re right. Thought provoking post, David. Big hugs 🙂

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  6. acflory says:

    Glad you had a great day out with Yvonne and saw the kids as well. When the whole world seems to have gone insane, those small acts of love and kindness are even more vital then ever. -hugs-

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