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Nil Illegitimi Carborundum Desperandum or Do you sprechen Latin?

Another new week and on Monday night I didn’t sleep. Not from lack of trying, but from fear that my alarm would not go off at 5.30 am Tuesday morning. I tried to go to sleep at 3.00 am but … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

Well, it’s 3.27 am on Thursday morning and I can’t get to sleep. My legs itch and while having a scritch I did check that it was still plural. I checked them twice in case like other asses I had … Continue reading

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Chocolate Covered Reasons.

Way back in 2014 I started this blog after deciding it was time to leave Facebook where I ran a similar site but with many more members. Sometimes what we start in one place doesn’t always translate well in another. … Continue reading

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