My Life is Elastic and it’s Getting Rather Taut.

The lockdown here seems to have lasted forever. This is the second one and was introduced as a treat to stop me spending at Christmas. Lucky for my family that Amazon and Ebay were happy to take my money. I’ve been locked in since early December this time with Christmas day off for good behaviour though the suggestion was not to go anywhere. I did. I was invited to dinner by my daughter giving me chance to see my grandchildren and to tease my son-in-law. It was 4 glorious hours before I had to return to solitary confinement, apart from Joey of course. I’d wrapped some Holly round his seed bell but was he appreciative or festive, no chance. The little malcontent just sat huddled in a corner muttering. It’s not like he was in lockdown.

I’d had a fall the day before Christmas Eve, Wednesday I think I heard someone call it. I didn’t realise the day before Christmas Eve had a name. It shows you’re never too old to learn .I asked my brother to take me to get a splinted support for my wrist that was giving me some gyp. Fast forward through my birthday in solitary confinement since we’ve covered that. Let’s settle on February the month here when they were supposed to be vaccinating the 70 year olds and people with health issues that the coronavirus treats as something to attack. I qualify on a couple of things as well as the age. Accordingly I am sent an invitation to attend a leisure centre for the jab. It’s 9.9 miles away and I don’t drive. The queues outside stretch almost home so I could sty here and ask them to pass a dose backwards. Only trouble is some blighter would pinch it before half way. You can’t go in early and wait. On my sticks standing for a long time isn’t on.

My daughter thanked them but said No Thanks. They offered a chance to go on the same day but to our surgery. Under normal circumstances that would have been manageable. But, there was news that my particular area was a growth area for Covid19, I didn’t much fancy a bus ride and then a walk through town. Just to add to the mix it had been snowing . Now, I live at the bottom of a very steep hill and the snow doesn’t stick round here but it does in town. I’d have needed skis at the top of the hill and they’re away having new nails put on the bottom so I can climb to the bus stop .We decided I’d have to give that appointment a miss too. So we asked for a home visit from the nurse. Sharp intake of breath. “But that’s for the disabled and housebound” My daughters turn for the sharp intake of breath and I know to stand well back.” Have you ever noticed the crutches and the shortness of breath. You do realise he’s under lockdown so pretty much housebound wouldn’t you say”? She got an apology and a closer look at the file. “Ah yes a priority. I can offer you Wrexham (28.3 miles) or Llandudno (29.6 miles). That’s completely unacceptable said Yvonne, that means travelling by bus, a long journey in itself with the virus all around. We were told we’d have to speak to the surgery again. She was told this time I was on the list and had been since Feb 2nd and I must have slipped through a crack.( Highly unlikely with a stomach like mine.) So hopefully next week I should be able to report the first jab got. And today on the news it seems hopeful that Wales will come out of the lockdown in 3 more weeks with the kids returning to school on Monday. I don’t know if that’s a good idea but the kids have missed all their friends.

I hope those of you who have had your jabs are doing well and managing to get out a bit. For the rest of you in waiting, I hope the queue is short

Hugs to you all

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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12 Responses to My Life is Elastic and it’s Getting Rather Taut.

  1. Nemorino says:

    I had my first jab (BioNTech) last Saturday at the Frankfurt Trade Fair, in rooms I know well from concerts and from over thirty years at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was all very well organized, and the city even sent me taxi vouchers to get me there and back. (It’s actually within easy cycling distance, but I decided to use the vouchers in case of any side effects.)


  2. jilldennison says:

    Despite all the troubles you’ve had, and the angst at not being able to see the kids, you are still able to maintain your sense of humour, for which I am glad. I have all 9 fingers crossed (I had to keep one free to type this comment) that you will get your jab next week, and that within a matter of just a few weeks you will have the freedom to do the two things you love best — visit the kids and SHOP! Please don’t ever lose that sense of humour … some days your witticisms are all the keep me going!

    Cwtch Mawr

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  3. Keith says:

    David, best wishes. Great title and story. May all our queues be short. Keith

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  4. Mick Canning says:

    Hope it won’t be too long now, David. Hugs!

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  5. Does being on a wait list make waiting any easier?

    We will get our second shot next week. I’m so glad you should be able to get your first one next week.

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  6. acflory says:

    I hope your first jab goes well. When you get it. Where you get it. Does no one read files any more? I think that was a rhetorical.

    Australia hasn’t even started vaccinations yet. Things aren’t as grim here as they are in the UK, but the UK/South African variant has been found here as well so the delay is worrying. Not sure when or if the Offspring and I will get the vaccine. Would be nice not to have to worry about dying, but if it doesn’t stop infections then we’ll remain stuck at home. Ah well. The first year wasn’t so bad, and only 10 months of the second to go…

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    • davidprosser says:

      Yours are due to start, aren’t they? I hope it goes to the most affected age groups first but with a smaller population, it might be first come first served. Things are going well here for now and we expect to have a lot more freedom in 3 weeks.
      Huge Huugs

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      • acflory says:

        Ours are supposed to start in about a week. I believe healthcare workers and those working at quarantine hotels will be first, which makes sense as they are the ones most likely to catch it and spread it. Then everyone else. The one thing that has me a little baffled is that everyone is ’18 – 65′. Those over 65 are not automatically eligible, and they haven’t said why.
        Counting down three weeks then. 🙂

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  7. MELewis says:

    I do hope you get those jabs soon, David! In the meantime, stay well and thanks for the smiles! 😀


  8. davidprosser says:

    Thanks so much on both counts Sweetie. I hope you’re able to get your jab if you want one.
    Huge Hugs


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