Yesterday, January 6th 2021 will be a day long remembered in the history books. I saw something I never thought to witness outside of a Banana Republic. A Western Nation go to war with itself. There was armed insurrection in the Capital and the home of Democracy in America , The Capitol Building, was attacked by armed civilians carrying every type of weapon. These people had not gone to demand a more Democratic State, they had gone to destroy Democracy itself.

People were forewarned of such an event and it surprised me that there wasn’t a stronger defence of he building though it seems likely that there may have been some collusion between these insurrectionists and members of the current ruling party. The President who has made an almost single handed assault on Government during the last four years, and who has done little to earn his salary for the last 12 months during the worst domestic crisis since 1918 ( The Spanish Flu), has spent his time tweeting or rallying since November bemoaning his lost election. According to him the election was fraudulent and stolen from him. Numerous recounts and checks have proven him wrong and of some 60 court cases, he has lost 59. His one minor victory discounted some votes but not enough to change the outcome.

Instead of accepting the inevitable and preparing for the smooth handover of the presidency, Mr Trump has purposely taken the path of sedition and convinced his followers that his claims are true and on the day when the Electoral College votes are counted in Washington they should take to the streets and force those votes to be overturned giving him back the presidency. In the meantime he called the Secretary of State in Georgia and tried in turn pleading, cajoling and threatening him to get him to produce enough votes from thin air to change the outcome of the election in his favour. He’s been attending rallies in Georgia recently to help the two Republican candidates for the Senate. The whole time of course telling everyone that he couldn’t possibly have lost Georgia proving it must have been a fraudulent election.

As is often the way when people are not used to thinking for themselves his followers were convinced of the truth of his claims. Now came a situation not seen since the nineteenth century, North versus South, a practically civil war situation. This was made much worse by a number of Senators and Representatives who attached themselves to The President and vowed to get the whole election overturned by rejecting the Electoral College count. This is unconstitutional but the lawmakers disregarded that rather inconvenient fact.

President Trump welcomed his followers, various White Supremacy Groups and his favourite Proud Boys to Washington and encouraged the mayhem that resulted. It’s amazing hat only one life was lost. That of a woman shot from within the Capitol. I understand several policemen were injured too. It was violence and damage that should never have happened and has split the Nation in two. North versus South or Republicans versus Democrats. It’s long been the case that Republicans claim to hate Big Government so maybe this was an opportune moment to make that quite clear.

Without the Federal Government many States would have been even more confused last year than they were. Some centralisation helped them get supplies needed to combat the pandemic that they’d been told was likely to be over very quickly as it was only like the flu. Some still believe that Covid 19 was a Democrat plot despite over a quarter of a million deaths from a virus that was indiscriminate as to which political group, geographical group or even religious group it’s victims belonged to. President Trump even assisted the virus to spread by holding rallies at which he wore no mask and encouraged others to do the same. He is as much a killer as the virus itself.


incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government. Any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.


an organized attempt by a group of people to defeat their government and take control of their country, usually by violence:

Both of these are serious offences and need to be dealt with. Justice must be seen to be done. There are rumours of another impeachment but with only 13 days to go before Joe Biden becomes President I doubt there’s time but he does need removing from power now, today by whatever method. He should then be arrested along with his enablers from the GOP and his lawyers who carried his ridiculous claims to court and who said the election results should be overturned. Anyone who can be identified as occupying the Capitol Building from his followers must also be dealt with. I’m currently angry enough to think they should be taken out and shot as traitors.

On January20th Joseph Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the U.S. Now comes the best hope for the United States. Since yesterday saw two Democrats being elected in Georgia giving Joe not only control of the Senate, wrested from the grasp of Moscow Mitch McConnell, but he also has the house of Representatives. He will find it a lot easier to pass new bills through undoing all the damage done by Trump to things like the EPA. He needs to bring the two factions together and show he will govern without favour to either side. One thing he could do almost immediately is to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The Republicans claim that Big Government support people with Government handouts at the expense of others. They have singled out black people as the main recipients. I believe that a check will show that just as many white people claim and many will be Republicans. Especially where Obamacare is involved as many people required that help. Raising the minimum wage makes employers liable for the extra costs and will take a lot of people off welfare meaning the Government save more money towards the National Debt. Firms like Walmart will no longer be able to pay starvation wages and have the Government make up the difference with welfare. This is a move for all the people and may start to unite the land. Joe has also promised to reinstate Obamacare properly which will help many. Proper control of the coronavirus could save many lives especially if the wearing of masks is made mandatory. People will have to be considerate of others no matter how they feel their rights are being eroded. It will not last forever and will be done regardless of political allegiance. All must do their bit. Slowly but surely Joe and Kamala Harris can show their worth and their dedication to creating one nation. From the great film the Birth of a Nation we may see the Rebirth of a Nation as one entity.

I wish all my friends across the World a Happy New Year and to my friends in America I wish you peace and success under your new Presidential Team.


About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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13 Responses to REBIRTH OF A NATION?

  1. jilldennison says:

    Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Like it or not, the U.S. has a place in the global community, and as such, what happens here affects our friends and neighbours all ’round the globe. Here is an assessment … a spot-on one, as it happens … from our friend David in the UK. Thank you David, for your thoughts on our disastrous day, your hopes for our future, and for caring.

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  2. inavukic says:

    I for one will be following Joe Biden’s Administration with interest to see what of the promised they deliver. While accept the final result of election I also do not for one moment like the idea of accepting an amount of electoral fraud that does not have the capacity to change the outcome. How do we know that the discovered electoral fraud was not only a small bit of what there really was or may have been. As to protests of the pro–Trump lot in Washington I do not condone violence but we must not forget the 74 million who voted for him and that he goes into history as sitting president receiving the most votes. I think he has been set against from the very start and ridiculed so we shall see if the new Admin will get a bit of their own medicine back. The protest and charging at the Capitol in Washington on 6 January reminded me of the charge on Bastille in 18th century France. Both Left and Right pol wings are so tight in following that clashes are more likely than not. A very volatile situation indeed. Happy New Year David and Hugs ❤

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  3. davidprosser says:

    Both sides had observers at all the elections where they would have caught the fraud. Enough checks have been done to ensure the elections were fair. 74 million voted for him but 81 million against him. The majority win and should accept it. You didn’t see actions like these by the losers in 2016 even though Russia interfered in the elections and Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump.
    Trump does go away with the. title of the sitting President with the most votes. I’m astounded at that because despite the ridicule which was richly deserved he never kept a promise and was the worst and most ecologically damaging President ever. Some businessmen don’t make the Great Presidents they hoped for. During the November election, many Republicans left and voted with the Democrats. It doesn’t work the other way round.
    Happy New Year and Huge Virtual Hugs back Ina.xxxxxxxx

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    • rawgod says:

      Just a question. If Trump got the most votes ever for a sitting President, does that mean Biden also got the most votes ever for a challenger? Seems to me he must have. Still, I hear no one talking if 81,000,000 votes is a record, while there is a sitting president running or not.
      Everything is still about Trump, good, bad, indifferent, or disbelieving. It will be so nice when he is removed from the White House–if, indeed, he is removed from the White House. With all the so-called domestic terrorists occupying Congress for a few hours, he might decide to call for martial law to defend the nation against his own followers.
      Wouldn’t that be a kick to their heads. And knowing them, they will gladly let him kick them as many times as he needs to…

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  4. A good post, David. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021 to you also. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  5. Well said David.
    I’ll just add one suggestion Joe Biden is the 45th President.
    That onerous minority voted creature never earned the title and certainly didn’t act the part. He just occupied The Whitehouse

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  6. Keith says:

    David, it broke my heart to see how low this outgoing president brought us, but democracy held serve. Yesterday was so over the top it will go down in infamy, but it also will be the day the political career of Donald J. Trump ended. He will retain his ardent supporters and I worry about what could happen, but the many Republican legislators who kept their disdain for him silent to garner votes have jumped ship or are about to. Just last night, several Trump staff resigned at the events of the day. What happened yesterday is on the shoulders of the outgoing president and his sycophants. Trumpism will remain a danger to contend with, but you can stick a fork in its namesake as a future candidate. He is done. Keith

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    • davidprosser says:

      He’s managed to break a good many hearts over his 4 years Keih. If they could cut short his career by about 12 days, that could scupper his intentions or at least the hope of his minions and followers for a 2024 run. It might not do Pence’s chances at that time too much harm if there isn’t a decent Democratic candidate.


      • Keith says:

        David, they still may need to intervene with the 25th amendment. You know, for someone who craves being considered a leader, the thought of actually being one does not seem to enter his head. Keith

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  7. Nan says:

    EXCELLENT Post! And to think it was written by someone who has been relatively free from the inane actions of the current POTUS. THANK YOU, David, for caring about those of us who live across the border.

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    • davidprosser says:

      Still too many nice people there to have them under the thumb of a louse like Trump, Nan I have to take my friends where I can get them and I can’t afford to have him pander to the other side. and maybe mismanage your Covid jabs. He was always a man who never placed any value on people except the wealthy.
      Hugs and Happy New Year

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