The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

There was a time this blog would only contain posts relating to peace in the world and the value of Hugs. Of equality and of reminding the world if we have, we must not stint of sharing. We cannot accept the fate of children starving in Africa, and yet these days we cannot accept of children starving in so called civilised societies.

I needn’t go into the fact that there has been an election in the United States. The statement would normally end there and life would go on as normal until the change of one President for another and new people in all the top jobs. Things are hugely different this year since the President would not accept he results of the election claiming massive voter fraud by Joe Biden and his Democrat election team. I have no idea whether the President actually believed his own hype since he’s been predicting this for months and there was enough security to ensure it didn’t happen. But, as is often the case in a society that loves conspiracy theories, a lot of people believed the claims.

In most Western societies there is opposition between the two leading parties though often the views are not as different as they seem. Whatever happens at the elections is accepted by the losers, the transfer of power is quite quick and goes off without a hitch and without too much malice. In the UK the worst I can remember is a member of the losing Labour Government leaving a snide note about there being no money in the pot for the incoming Government. But, in America there is malice aplenty. The President has been to court about 40 times to try to have judges overturn the results. He has lost in all but one case where I think 600 votes were disallowed but which made no difference to the final results. The actions themselves were rather lacklustre and the losses seemed to make little difference to the President. Again I had to wonder just how deeply he felt about whether a fraud really had been committed. Whatever he believed seems to make little difference to the Republican Party and the voters, they would follow him anyway.

In recent days the President has been to Georgia where at the time the votes had not been verified. They soon were and not in his favour. He has asked the Governor as a fellow Republican to cast out the results and appoint some Electors who would give their votes to The President. On January 6th there is an election for two seats which are generally Republican. Scared that they may be turned by their Democratic opponents and taking away the Republican majority in the senate and thus making Mitch McConnell totally ineffective as he’s no longer rule as he has done, The President has asked the Governor to cancel the election ‘as it won’t be needed’ this is presumably in the hope that the current Republicans will automatically be counted as having won. Maybe he was hoping that the Republican faithful, with Mitch ruling the Senate would be there to back him for a 2024 win. The Governor told The President that he doesn’t have the power to do as he was asked and that the results of the main election were honest and correct. He is now the recipient of several nasty tweets. So this is how he treats fellow Republicans when he can’t get his way.

It’s bad enough that President Trump has broken with the protocols surrounding the change of Government but he has not admitted that he has lost, has not congratulated President Elect Joe Biden, and only recently allowed him to start the process of change by letting some departments share information needed for a smooth change of Government. He is establishing many stumbling blocks and rushing though many bills that will take Joe Biden a long time to sort out, if they can be sorted at all. One such is to make it all but impossible for Iran to be brought back into an agreement over their weapons grade nuclear fuel. He of course assisted Israel in the killing of the scientist who heads the nuclear section of the Iranian Government.

Another change to the normal smooth change is that threats made by President Trump have come about with the activities of The Proud Boys who had previously been told to Stand Back and Stand By. Now are told the Stand By order has been rescinded and yet they are on the streets provoking violence every chance they get following the ‘Million MAGA March ‘ on 14th November and it’s attendant violence thee thugs have marched in support of President Trump in North Carolina, Sacramento, California and New York. All the time they claim the election was a fraud and that is the reason they march. President Trump does not condemn their actions.

If President Trump’s actions are allowed to become the norm there will never be another election that one side or the other can’t claim is fraudulent and use it as a tactic to delay things. Possibly even use it as an excuse to overturn the result. In the meantime the Republicans will do what they can to take the vote away from some minority groups so that even though they are the minority they could achieve most votes by cheating. I personally hope that the two seats from Georgia go to the challengers so that the Senate is equal with the deciding vote going to the VP. All this action takes place during a pandemic that is killing off thousands of American citizens but there is no leadership from the President who has very few duties these days but can find time for his beloved golf.

I wish you a very safe and a very Happy Season or Nadolig Llawen as we say in my Country. Stay away from the virus and I hope it stays away from you. Huge Hugs.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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8 Responses to The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

  1. jilldennison says:

    Sigh. You have stated our situation on this side of the pond quite well, dear friend. The only thing I would add is that if … by some underhanded scheme … Donald Trump is allowed to remain in office, there will not be another election in this nation for … perhaps many decades, for he is bent on becoming a dictator, sees himself as a king, and has enough sycophants to help him shred the U.S. Constitution and take over this nation … a nation that is fast becoming a banana republic under Trump. To you and all our other friends ‘cross the pond … thank you for caring.


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  2. jilldennison says:

    Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Our good friend David from ‘cross the pond has clearly assessed our situation here. He and other friends in the UK, Germany, Australia and elsewhere see our situation quite clearly and are sending us good vibes, hoping we can survive and overcome this madness. Thank you, David.

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    • davidprosser says:

      Thanks so much for the reblog Jill. Yes, the good vibes are there from us. You will survive, but I can’t say when the madness will go. Not till Trump is physically out of the WH at least.

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      • jilldennison says:

        Always my pleasure! People in this country need to understand how people in other nations see us and our situation. Though some seem not to realize it, it matters. We are not anywhere close to the respected nation we once were, but rather are the object of much disgust. Sigh.

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  3. rawgod says:

    So, David, how does one pronounce Nadolig Llawen? And same to you, I think. I ‘ll stick with Best of the Season to you, however you celebrate it, if you celebrate it at all. I don’t.
    But, yeah, could you imagine the outgoing Prime Ministers in either of our countries refusing to admit defeat in a majority situation. They get a little lattitude in a minority situation to see if they can find enough allies to act as if they had a majority, but coalitions are only as good as being able to keep the promises one makes to create them. If America had a multi-party system, imagine Trump running to some other party leader and having to beg for said leader to join with him to keep him in power? I actually enjoy the scenario I have in my head right now–Trump having to debase (wouldn’t that be a laugh) himself in order to stay on top? But he would do it, he craves power so intensely.
    One thing I know, he who craves power is the absolutely worst person to give it to.
    Just look at Jason Kenney in Alberta. First he cheated to become leader of his party, then he promised the world to the voters of Alberta to get himself elected Premier, and now he is running wildly roughshod over the people of our province, doing nothing he promised to do (except give corporations a huge tax break, which DID NOT produce the resulting job surge he promised), and is doing everything he promised NOT TO DO, like trying to privatize our health care system. Wealthy people can now buy their way to the head of the line, while us paupers can’t even get decent heath care like good food and clean hospital beds.
    (The last time I was in the hospital, I had to go in search of a clean gown after I bled on the “one” they gave me, and I had to change my own bedding if I did not want to lie in my own diarrhea and vomit!)
    As for his non-response to Covid, he sounded worse than Trump until this week, when he found out one of his “best friends” has been sick with Covid for over 7 months, and almost died from it. (He didn’t know a “best friend” contracted Covid 7 months ago? I want that kind of best friend–NOT!)
    Anyways, Alberta now has the highest per capita rate of Covid in Canada, and our province is experiencing numbers of new cases right up there with the much larger populations of Ontario and Québec, while saying the only reason we have more cases of Covid than our larger neighbour, British Columbia, is because they don’t test as much as we do? What an ass!
    Mini-Trump, those of us who did not vote for him call him. Those who did vote for him, some at least, are starting to call him that too. His performance rating has dropped into the 30-40% range, and still he does not give a damn. Will we even have an election next term, or will he abolish elections like Trump wished he could have done?
    The political world is not a good place to be right now. I have spoken out against the ills of democracy for many years now (40 or more), but I never actually expected anyone to make a mockery of it this bloody soon. Now I feel bad for having said something like this could happen, because now that it has, it is way worse than even I expected.
    Oh, well, you, Jill, Mary Plumbago, Keith, Roger, myself, and so many of Jill”s readers, we will all be gone relatively soon. All we can do is hope the younger generations do not stay as silent as ours did when things started to go bad in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
    I apologize for running on like this, David, on your time. Maybe someday I will learn to be concise, but I doubt it. Can you believe I was a shy kid, so bullied I blended into the garbage on our streets. I wonder what happened to me, lol?

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    • davidprosser says:

      Nad olig Cl a wen is near. I tend to celebrate on the day I see my daughter and family and the rest of the time it’s just normal days with the face pulled back in a rictus smile in case I see anyone. We’ve been through a few coalitions here and they never make for easy bedmates, the last was a Conservative /Liberal one where the Liberal had to be appointed Deputy Prime Minister largely to shut him up I think, with limited success. He managed to get a few concessions. But no, I can’t see any of ours refusing o admit defeat after a trouncing at the polls. It worries me Trump is introducing a whole new way of playing politics and I haven’t seen one as malicious as this. How many more leaders will adopt from his playbook in the future.
      I don’t envy you your jackass and I certainly wouldn’t thrust ours on anyone else but they are still strictly amateur compared to Trump. Try not to imagine any other scenarios that can descend into this madness, please. I decided a long time ago that if I couldn’t take my money with me I wasn’t going anywhere so maybe I’ll be around to offer the young some sage wisdom (probably whether they want it or not). Oddly enough I was also a shy kid, bullied and virtually friendless. I’m still a little shy but I’m no longer bullied, I still manage to repel people before they get close enough for friendship bar one and I’ve known him longer than I’ve had my daughter and she’s 43 tomorrow.
      Keep well and look after yourself, Hugs

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