Search for the Hero.

Like many others these days I guess you’re bored with your very limited view of the world through just a TV screen. I wonder if you’ve given any thought to taking a walk. It probably feels foolish just walking round your garden. Maybe you can take a longer walk if you have somewhere you’re unlikely to meet another person or where you have at least the 6 feet clearance between them and you.

Probably you’re quite an observant person. In the houses round about you there’s probably some indication of whether there’s a single occupant or a family. If you know there’s a single person maybe you could knock on a window and back away. This could easily be a person who hasn’t spoken to another human for days or even weeks. Maybe it’s a person in need of a chat or maybe even foodstuffs that you could get for them. This would be a virtual hug to beat the band.

Now what if you know there are a few single people or families in need in your area. Why not band together a group of friends and make sure everyone that needs a call gets a call and those that need shopping get what they need .Even if all they need is a chat. Look at the size of this virtual hug now,

We seem to have  forgotten we have an involvement with the rest of the world and yet all around us the rest of the world is dying. We don’t know them, are not involved with them But the chances are that we are wrong on both counts and we won’t be there for someone who matters and they end up dying alone.If someone nearby collapses do you walk away because you don’t have a mask or do you run to them to help? This may be a heart attack and going the other way is a sentence of death. Don’t forget your humanity and keep spreading the hugs. You’ll find an explanation of how Hugs benefit you and others at the header to the Blog. You’ll be surprised at the benefits.

Be Well, Be Hugged, Stay Safe.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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14 Responses to Search for the Hero.

  1. jilldennison says:

    Excellent suggestions all! There must be common sense and balance … we cannot let fear stop us from caring about others, for if we do, then our lives are reduced to nothing. I agree with you … check on neighbors that live alone, talk to them … from a safe distance … don’t be afraid to care about others. As you said, if I see someone collapse on the street, or at the park where I walk, I’m not going to be worried about a virus, I’m going to be worried about getting help for the person. Thanks for reminding us to be humans, dear David.

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    • davidprosser says:

      I know there are some people who like their own company, possibly too much but for the rest of us I don’t think we were built to be insular. We crave human company. Provided we’re careful we can have that human company like Ellen says, two neighbours with coffee sitting on their own balconies.perfect.r pull a little chair close to a window and share some news. Stay 6 ft apart and you’re fine.Give of yourself where you can.
      Huge Hugs

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      • jilldennison says:

        I’m somewhat of a recluse, as are you, but neither of us want to be completely isolated from family & friends. ‘Tis why I think we must use common sense and balance, but you already know my thoughts on that. Anyway, you’ve made some marvelous suggestions for ways to stay in touch without actually being … in touch.

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  2. Here are some extra hugs for you.

    xxx Extra Hugs xxx

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  3. Ellen says:

    During these stressful days of the mandatory stay-at-home separation from society with mostly the internet for diversion and company, it would be easy to become totally self absorbed about one’s own welfare and overlook the world beyond one’s own door. This is mentally, if not physically, self destructive and self limiting as well. There are ways, as you so nicely pointed out, that people can engage with other people without causing harm to either. My neighbor and myself, both dignified ladies of a certain age, had a weekly practice of meeting for Coffee & Politics to release angst, stimulate our minds and set them at ease too. Covid-19 shut the door on the outings. When weather permits we sit on our respective decks with coffee and pastry nearby and loudly have our discussions. A small thing to be sure, but important to both of us. My eldest Daughter does the more important things (beside looking out for my welfare) such as checking in on other neighbors, giving her phone number to call if anything is needed and picking up the items that are needed. We must remember that each of us are a part of the web of our communities and that every weaker strand depends on the strength of another. As Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, said : “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.” Helpers are Heroes! Thank-you! P.S. I love M People! So kind of you to include this song, perfect choice! Heather Small’s voice is so amazing.

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    • davidprosser says:

      I suppose people can’t be blamed for becoming self obsessed when put in these situations and they have to concentrate on staying alive (no, this is not an interlude before the Bee Gees). Speaking for my country I found there was a sense of real urgency implied about isolating oneself and staying indoors.. I had ti laugh that when I received instructions from the Secretary of Health for Wales instructing me to remain indoors for at least 12 weeksI was told not to eat in the same room as somebody else, not to sit in the same room as anybody else and not to sleep with anyone else (chance would be a fine thing) I thought there will be a few divorces here. The instructions seemed to indicate we should be totally insular.Life can’t be like that.
      Thank you, yes Heather Small has a delicious voice.
      Massive Hugs

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  4. jilldennison says:

    Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Yesterday our friend David wrote a short post about staying connected to people, even in this era of fear and isolation. He reminds us to not lose our humanity, and that hugs are still important, whether from a distance of 6 feet or 4,000 miles. Thank you, David, for reminding us that we are not, cannot be, insular beings.

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  5. MELewis says:

    So true! We are very isolated from most of our neighbours, unlike in the UK where I think you have far greater community support. Still, I saw a sign the other day encouraging anyone who is alone and in need of help to put a red scarf or other fabric in their window. I will look for this and try to help where I can. For now, we are just bringing home a pizza for our non-French speaking neighbours. Little things, eh? Hugs from France!

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  6. An excellent post, David. There’s always things we can do for others – even a smile!

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  7. inavukic says:

    Well said, David! It’s so easy to sink into isolation out of fear. But the greatest fear of all should be that of social isolation. I am always keeping an eye on needs of my neighbours and they of mine. When I had to go into isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions the best hugs I could ever receive were those of my neighbours shouting over the fence, calling me out and hanging a bag with fresh bread and milk for me on the fence with a chat at distance … lots and lots little things make us big humans. Hugs ❤

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    • davidprosser says:

      It’s our connection to others that makes us who we are and what we are..Without that we lose our humanity. I agree those kind of hugs when someone else is looking out for you are special. I hope we’re hugged throughout our lives.

      Massive Hugs.


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