Remember where you are Boris.

So today I hear that Boris has thrown some news media out of a ‘Background Briefing’ on his plans to create a Canadian style Free Trade Agreement with the EU  before year end. His office had sent out invitations to those interested.

When political correspondents from various papers arrived they were asked names and told to stand in two groups in the hall. Director of communications Lee Cain then came and directed on group to enter the briefing but the other group were to leave. This is a scandal in the UK as you would think that we have adopted the Trump method of dealing with journalists.. All the journalists walked out not wishing o take part in such a selective event.

What one needs to know is whether this was Cain’s idea alone or was it something discussed with and agreed by the Prime Minister. I know Boris is an admirer of Trump and possibly of Trump’s tactics but may I remind him most humbly that he is in the UK and we don’t disrespect our journo’s that way, especially when they came out at his invitation to a display that must have set the taxpayer back a few ‘bob’.

I think the Prime Minister needs to remember that he was voted as PM in a different way to the American president and can be more easily removed by his fellow MP’s. Concentrate on the job you are meant to do for the British public and get the best deal possible with the EU  as quickly as possible and with the Commonwealth Countries if that is the route we’re taking. Turn into the type of PM we have regard for and not an imitation humanitarian as sits in the White House tweeting in between golf matches. The people don’t like him (admittedly he has a faithful base) and he’s trying to subvert the laws to say he can do anything he wants and it doesn’t matter. With a Republican advantage in the Senate it almost seems to be the truth. I’m sure many of those will fall in the November elections as Trump should. Don’t follow the same pattern.

Redeem yourself with the people and please do the job you’re paid to do only better and  as a superb PM or fade into ignominy with a poor record as a plastic Trump.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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8 Responses to Remember where you are Boris.

  1. jilldennison says:

    Well said. I told you early on that Boris reminded me in many ways of Trump, and things I’ve heard over the past few days reinforce that notion in my mind. I half wonder if Boris didn’t look across the pond, see that Trump has been declared to be “above the law” and decided that he, too, should be without constraints. I hope not, for like us, your people will be the ones that pay the price. Please, UK, be better than we are. Sigh. And as an aside, apropos of nothing, somebody needs to send Boris a comb.

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  2. Mick Canning says:

    I sense the devious nastiness of Dominic Cummings behind that episode.

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    • davidprosser says:

      You could well be right Mick in which case someone needs to step on him right now. I just don’t want it to be Boris. As long as we’re stuck with him as PM I want him to behave like it and not like a playground bully.

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      • Mick Canning says:

        Yes, I don’t feel it was Johnson (I won’t refer to him as Boris, for the same reason I wouldn’t refer to May as ‘Theresa’. He’s certainly not my cuddly friend!). The difference between him and Trump is that although he often acts the buffoon, I suspect it is a deliberate act. He’s actually quite intelligent, whereas Trump really is as thick as sh*t. I think he’d avoid deliberately antagonising the media at the moment. He needs them to spread his nastiness.

        Hugs back.

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  3. I was told BJ’s advisers were very negatively inclined towards the Andrew Neil school of interrogative journalism, which does seem more intent upon promulgating the interviewer’s POV than actually hearing answers from its victims. I doubt BJ has very much in common with Trump, but they do seem to value social media as a preferred means to put their message to the people, and I’m not sure I disagree. It looks as if ‘Good Old Aunty’ BBC’s number is up, not before time. The news culture within that organization might be a little too reliant upon the sweepings they employed from the dust of the News of the World. As for giving the tabloids a hearing? For all their bleating about press freedom, we do well to remember that they show scant regard for truth, and in just the last few weeks have been responsible for driving everyone’s favorite ‘royal’ to live abroad, and engineering the suicide of a top TV presenter. I sometimes feel we should celebrate our vicious little bunch of billionaire newspaper owners by inviting them to a bonfire of all their works.

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