Storm Clouds & Shrouds

It has bothered me for some time now that Donald Trump would not agree to continue the agreement the other powers had in place with Iran. It kept Iran well away from developing nuclear material. Things seemed to be going nicely according to everyone except the American end, in particular John Bolton, who was responsible for troops going into Iraq under the guise of there being WMD which did not exist, during George Bush Jnr’s time. While I’m no fan of the Imams who practise Sharia law against the  people of their country instead of the Iranians deciding for themselves the type of Government they’d prefer, and they may well decide on a Religious Government, it’s none of my business.

photo from the New Yorker. John Bolton.

What is my business however is whether or not either Bolton or Trump or both together have fabricated evidence that Iran is responsible for attacking two ships carrying oil in the Hormuz Straits last week. There is what appears to be a boat of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran by one of the tankers but strangely no revolutionary guard. The Japanese whose ships they are say no-one from the boat could have attached a limpet mine where one blew a hole. If Iran was responsible I think they would have said so. This has the feeling of a manufactured incident and comes at a point when a deflection from the thought of impeachment could impede Trump’s electioneering. While he calls no collusion and states that Mueller’s report exonerated him from trying to bring an end to the investigation by having Mueller sacked, it was exactly the opposite and at least ten examples of obstruction were listed. If Trump is able to declare war on Iran, and he already has warships in the area then the U.S. could soon be making shrouds for it’s dead servicemen. As bad for me is the thought that as allies my Government would be stupid enough to stand with the U.S. instead of with the agreement made with Iran which it would be better to preserve. Far better to go to war with Saudi Arabia for killing the journalist working for an American newspaper Jamal Khashoggi who was well liked and yet Trump has done nothing despite knowing Saudi was responsible, in particular Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The likelihood of Saudi being attacked is nil since Trump has a good relationship with all Dictators and this one is buying billions of dollars worth of weapons from him.

Another war would see the involvement of others with an Interest. Iran has allies in the Middle East, Shiite Muslims but so do those who  follow the Sunni sect like Saudi Arabia. Russia has an interest in the area and would like a bigger one. Things could escalate out of all control and leave us with WW111. Some people would say we are overpopulated and could do with thinning down but we don’t need the deaths of a population of young men and women to leave us mourning for our children.

If you feel there is likely to be a war please bombard your politicians to say No, you don’t want to lose your children. Trump may withdraw his support from the Iran agreement but the others are prepared to carry on. Trump can always use his famous tariffs instead. Keep hugging your neighbour to show you have no warlike tendencies and you could try hugging others too. Let’s hug our way out of war.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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18 Responses to Storm Clouds & Shrouds

  1. jilldennison says:

    My ponderous mind was doing its usual tonight, and it occurred to me that Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, along with possibly Israel’s Netanyahu may have a hand in this, as well as, obviously, Trump, Pompeo and Bolton. Something is very much smelly here, and sadly the problem we have if we hope for ‘cooler heads’ to prevail is that there are no cooler heads. The U.S. currently has no Secretary of Defense, no Secretary of Homeland Security, and no Ambassador to the U.N. We are held hostage by a madman at the helm and his two henchmen. Our European allies, presumably including your own country, do not trust Trump and are making plans to increase their own military for that reason. Trump does not understand the complex and tenuous situation in the Middle East and is a loose cannon, for nobody can predict what thought will come to him when he wakes tomorrow. This has the potential for disaster, huge loss of life, and given that Trump has bragged about his ‘nuclear button’ in the past, it could well turn into WWIII. However, I like your idea of hugs, and I will do my part to hug people I see tomorrow.

    Cwtch Mawr

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  2. davidprosser says:

    Re-blog away. Have a good night.

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  3. jilldennison says:

    Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Late yesterday came the announcement that Trump is sending an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East in response to the attack on two Japanese oil tankers last week. Trump claims Iran is responsible for the attack, Pompeo and Bolton concur, but then, they have both been itching to bomb Iran for decades. The U.S. is acting prematurely, and if one listens, one can hear the war drums beating. How do our allies view these events? How do the people in the UK and EU see this situation? Our friend David in Wales wrote a post expressing his thoughts and concerns that I would like to share with you today. If any of my other readers outside the U.S. would like to write a guest post expressing your own views of this potentially dangerous situation, please let me know … I would love to share your opinions. Thank you, David, for this timely post and for your generous permission to re-blog.

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  5. Every leader wants a legacy. Our PM has suddenly started running about trying to push a random set of policies about in her last few days as Brexit won’t be her legacy. Often the easy legacy to go for is to win a war. Let’s hope Trump isn’t going for the latter legacy option.

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  6. equinoxio21 says:

    Bush fabricated evidence to invade Iraq, with the known results: chaos in the Middle East and the emergence of Isis. (Who is hiding under the ruins but is not defeated.)
    Bush invaded Afghanistan and now the Tramp is secretly negotiating with the Talibans withiut a word of warning to America’s allies…
    B*lt*n and Tr*mp are probably fabricating evidence to bomb Iran. In support of the marvelously democratic of Saudi Arabia, where women are free to do as they please and journalists are held in high esteem, particularly in Saudi consulates…
    As much as I would like, hugs won’t cut it. You need to impeach the Crook.
    (Thx for the post)

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  7. rawgod says:

    Hugging it out sounds good, and generally I would be in favour of it, but American leaders and Iranian leaders are not about to do any hugging, so what regular people do will be of no consequence. We need to inspire our so-called leaders to lighten up. An impossible task, with Trump involved.
    What we need is regular people turning out in numbers like Hong Kongers did, and Raptors fans in Toronto did, and cover land in the Middle East so the soldiers refuse to fire on civilians. But even that might not stop them these days. The majority of the protesters would have to be white.

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  8. colettebytes says:

    Well said, David.
    I actually hope that the UN will stand up to Trump and conduct some actual diplomacy with talks on a stand down. There should be some sanctions against the US for backing away from a perfectly good denuclearization deal. Iran was keeping their end of the deal. And in all this hyperbole about risk of conflict, Iran has never been known to attack another country. This whole attack on ships is a conspiracy to justify attack by Trump. His unhinged machinations will take us to a war that no one wants. Why? Because war creates jobs and encourages people to be Nationalistic (Patriotic) over and above all common sense.

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    • davidprosser says:

      I think Trump has decided he must avert eyes away from his problems at home and how better than with a fabricated war. What he forgets or probably doesn’t care about are the young lives this will cost. In fact he may be able to play the dignified President as the first body bag is flown home. I agree the attack on the two ships was badly orchestrated and was just to justify an attack on Iran. Even if Iran were guilty, Trump is not the policeman of the world and there are other countries invested in maintaining peace in Iran.
      Hugs Colette. xxxxx

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  9. Scottie says:

    Hello David. Grand post. May I offer a few thoughts? Last night and this morning I watched news reports online that showed a coordinated effort to force Iran to lash out. tRump threatened to pull out of the “Iran deal” because it was an achievement by his predecessor Obama. The thinking was he wanted Iran and the other signers of the deal to negotiate the same deal basically with a few changes and get his name on it. Just as he did with NAFTA. However the world did not play along with him as Mexico and Canada did. So he got more belligerent, ratcheting up sanctions on Iran, and also on any companies anywhere doing business with Iran regardless of treaties. Basically telling the other governments they better do as he wanted or else their companies wouldn’t be able to use US financial institutions. It is a serious threat. However to his anger, the others did not back down and even tried to work around the sanctions. So tRump administration made the cost of doing business for any company with Iran even more strict, saying any company that does business with Iran couldn’t do business in the US or with any company that does business with the US, world wide. That caused the result tRump wanted, the set up France and Germany made started to fail. It is throwing the economy of Iran into a tailspin. Still Iran wouldn’t crawl to tRump. So the US cranked the sanctions up as much as they could, and then started to interfere with Iran in other ways. Today I learned where all these troops the US are sending are going to. They are being placed along the Iranian borders. The US is deliberately trying to provoke Iran into an action so they can justify a bombing and then other types of attack. Think of what any country would do if a known hostile country started massing troops on their border. Instead of trying to not have an incident, the US is trying to instigate one. From what I heard on the news the US is interfering with Iranian assets and programs in other middle Eastern countries. I can not stand this idea that the US has that the US has the right to tell other countries what to do and how to be. the US thinks it has the right to declare which countries can have what military items, do what science, have what social programs. The US doesn’t rule the world and we need to understand that. Too many people still live in the idea the US has the right to dictate to the world. It never really worked and it is wrong. I think the world needs to be worried. The tRump administration is sinking even more large amounts into the military than before and we already had the largest military on the planet. With their mind set I am afraid they will use them like a bully to get what the tRump crew wants. We have seen this before in history. Hugs

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    • davidprosser says:

      I was afraid things were going to get worse before getting any better Scottie. I agree with everything you say. My best hope now is that UN forces sent a contingent to stand inside those of the US and hope the US would not fire on them. If the UN won’t do so in case Trump evicts them from America then maybe some European Forces would go, namely those of Britain, France and Germany who have maintained their non-nuclear agreement with Iran.

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