Has the wind changed?

Despite suffering from depression I’m normally fairly upbeat. I’ve seen the winds of change wash over various Governments as they become aware just how important the issue of the environment is to more and more people. And the issue of terrorism throughout the world

Now I wonder if the wind has changed direction again.A huge number of people in America voted for Trump despite the things he said during his campaign. Could it be that people’s interest in the environment is starting to wane, at least in the United States?

Trump has declared that he will back out of the Paris accords on Global Warming and America’s agreement to reduce it’s carbon footprint. After years of trying to get America to commit to this,  you finally think you’ve won and this happens.So half the population have lost interest? He also declares that a few million square miles of Federal lands will be sold off (That’s National Parks people!!) for more drilling for oil and mining or fossil fuels.Federal lands belong to the people really so it’s wrong to sell them off to his friends in the oil and mining industries.Up goes America’s carbon footprint. Trump can give the finger to Europe and to future generations of American children too.

While the majority of the West are trying to show support for Muslims and let them see we know they are not all terrorists, but suffer from terrorism at home worse than we do, Trump is going all out to offend them by stopping travel to America by 7 different Muslim Countries. The excuse for this is to keep terrorism out of the United States, despite the fact America has not suffered any terrorism at the hands of these countries.America did however suffer terrorism on a huge scale on 7/11 and yet travel from the Countries from which the terrorists came is not affected. I have to wonder if that’s because Trump has business interests in those places yet none in the 7 Countries affected.

There seems to be (or hopefully have been) a renewed interest in the far right in certain Countries.Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, some Eastern bloc Countries and France. Until now I wasn’t too worried as I basically had enough faith in the people not to vote them in. That was until America decided to do just that.A President in power who leans to white supremacy and neo-Naziism. A man who can appoint white supremacists to positions of power inside his Government.People also who can tell lies and call them alternate truths.

I know there’s been a promise of jobs under this man and that America badly needs jobs now but the previous Government was doing well with the unemployment levels. I’m not sure how many jobs Trump can create unless it’s for bricklayers but once that wall is built and visitors stop coming through I think you’ll find a lot of job losses on the U.S. side of the border as the border shops have no-on to sell to any more. The President of Mexico will be angry of course at the insults thrown his way as no doubt are some other heads of Countries also insulted by Trump’s actions.

There has to be a way to reverse this trend and get the World back to the way it was when lessons were learned about the Nazis and their ways and about protecting the environment for future generations. Don’t cast your vote for the far right and in America make sure no Republicans are voted in next year and get rid of your mentally ill President while you can.

Sending Hugs to all for a great week



About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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19 Responses to Has the wind changed?

  1. Due to my need for employment, I avoid political posts, but…
    Remember two things, David. 1, the election was hacked. 2, he did not win the popular vote — and by a significant number of votes.
    Bullying (and yes, the people you mention are bullies) and egomania of any kind spread. The far right undoubtedly feels supported now — sadly.
    We have a “system of checks and balances,” that many people rely on to keep situations like we have now from getting out of hand, from happening in the first place. But wait! It already happened. Any system can be manipulated, and egomaniacs are superb manipulators.
    Wishing you a hug filled week.

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    • davidprosser says:

      Wishing you a better week than you’re likely to get Teagan. I understand the popular vote went to Mrs. Clinton to the tune of about 3 million.I can”t understand your system which can allow someone to lose who gets that many more votes. Why would it go to the electoral college at all. Considering how proud they’ve done you that’s quite a big question.
      Trump isn’t just damaging your image in the world he’s also making the world a worse place to live health wise and insulting countries left , right and centre. We could even end up with a Holy War at this rate. I hope people on his side start to see the cracks in his mental state and the truth instead of the alternate truth. Maybe there’s a chance of either impeachment or retire him on medical grounds. I don’t like th VP but at east he’s a politician and knows how best a country runs.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Teagan xxx

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  2. merrildsmith says:

    Teagan is correct that dt did not win the popular vote, and that gives me some hope. However, many still believe his lies and “alternative facts.” Many are still bedazzled by his claims that he will get them jobs, or terrified by all the fearful things he says will happen if he doesn’t build a wall, restrict immigration, etc. It is scary that so he and his cronies are intent on destroying the environment, along with bringing down education, eliminating health care for many, and on and on. We need to stay vigilant (all over the world).

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    • davidprosser says:

      You’re right Merril, it’s very scary watching these people dismantle the Government from within. You have to wonder who they’re working for and how far they’ll go. You need to get rid of Trump and all his appointees as well. The problem there is the DeVoss family donated to every Republican last year so who will get rid of her and save the schools?
      From my view in the World I don’t want Trump to get the full; sate visit normally afforded your Presidents in my country. I don’t want that slimeball anywhere near My Queen. So far my Government won’t play ball.
      Have a nice week
      xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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  3. D. Parker says:

    There have always been mesmers, people who manage to lie and manipulate, mesmerize people, but a majority of people saw through Trump and others. I understand why it’s difficult for America and other countries to admit they were invaded, by Russia, by the Alt-Right, by extremists and supremacists, etc., but once they admit the truth, learn from it, and safeguard against it happening again they can help themselves. As for the environment, until people can get it through their heads that we can save the environment and make money, that it’s not an either or situation, people will continue to fall for mesmers who tell them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.
    Massive we are still here hugs xoxxo

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    • davidprosser says:

      Humongous sighs of relief Hugs to hear it Sweetie. I agree a majority of people saw through the bluster and bluff of Trump so how did he end up in power again?
      The Republicans seem not to want to admit there’s anything wrong or that they’ve made a mistake which may be because they wanted their man in power come hell or high water. Now it’s time to start admitting the truth, not the alternate truth, the man is dangerous and so are his team.
      I don’t know how to convince the doubters that looking after the environment really matters, it will be hard now he person in charge of it’s care is a climate change denier.
      Have a Super Week Donna, xxx Heart Shaped Hugs for you xxx

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  4. Well, remember that most of us are not with Trump. Many of us are definitely working to ensure that Repubs get put out of their gov’t jobs. Have a great week:0)

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  5. I’m not a political person but am aghast upon opening up my newspaper every morning. All you say is true, David. We are ALL in a poor state of affairs. Together we stand; divided we fall.

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    • davidprosser says:

      I’m pretty sure that eventually you will all stand together. Even the Republicans won’t be able to stomach him for long, nor the alternative truths you’re being fed. The U.S. will stand strong again but not under Trump.
      xxx Ginormous Hugs Tess xxx ❤


  6. oldpoet56 says:

    Very good article, very good read. I am going to reblog this one for you.


  7. Oh, that Donald Trump! He’ll lay down golf courses absolutely anywhere! A plain man, plain-speaking, with a resolute refusal to have the edges knocked off him: I respect that, at least, if I question many other things he stands for. It seems to have become fashionable to throw mud at him, and the media are his willing adversaries in that quarter: the BBC have been thrown out of his press briefings, and I agree with him on that, too. It is a just retribution for a jumped-up reporter who argues the toss with the President of the United States, no matter how mad he seems.

    With respect, I worry about accusations of neo-Nazism. It seems to me that this is a label the liberal community will hang upon anyone who is aggressively right-wing, and unjustified in most cases. A good way to strike fear into anyone who feels they might share the wrong point of view, in fact.
    In some senses, in the age of Putin and Kim Jong Un it’s no bad thing to have a Pres. who’s as mad as a box of frogs. It might make them a little more cautious in the mud-hurling department.

    As for the question-marks around his environmental policy, or lack of it, I can see a point of view that would justify deregulation because in USA,unlike Europe, the sustainable resources issue has little regard for the structure of the society that lies beneath it: poverty in mid-states America is grinding. People are living in tents, in cars, in accommodation with no basic facilities, and often relying upon food banks for life at subsistence level, while all around them are the ruins of the industries that once gave them work and respect. This is a population that struggles merely to make it through to Sunday; the spending of billions upon wind-farms and acres of solar cells to produce more expensive renewables only serves to separate them further from their simple ambition to have a job.

    To me, there is so much political claptrap surrounding environmental concerns. The most noble attempt at resolving the issue was China’s one-child plan – inhumane at the personal level, but at least addressing the essential issue: population must be controlled, especially in those countries that suffer most from proliferation. It really isn’t in our hands, but we continue to make bogus moves to become ‘greener’ without ever questioning the knock-on effects. We are hugely over-populating our planet: we are a plague stripping it of its resources and we have to stop.

    Of course, if we don’t do it, nature will. Or the bomb.

    I’ve pontificated for too long as usal. Nothing like a ‘Trump subject’ to get me going! Hugs, David!

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    • davidprosser says:

      Ah yes, I see the latest golf course was unveiled by his sons this week. Of course it was started before he supposedly signed over his business to them.It’s in yet another Muslim country he has dealings in which isn’t on his proscribed list.
      I thought the freedom of the press as a major issue there which should mean any reporter worth his.her salt would question a President who’s actions seem questionable.
      I have used the words neo Nazi in connection with Trump because of his links with Breibart and the White Supremacy movement which have seen fit to destroy a Jewish graveyard recently.Though his agreement that Israel should build for settlers on the West Bank would seem to be pro-Israel it also shows his willingness to have the Arab community dispossessed even further of it’s own land.Where the rest of the world condemns, he supports.
      It doesn’t seem that Putin would be joining Kim Jong Un in the mud slinging as he seems to be a supporter of Mr. Trump.

      I agree that the environmental issue hasn’t really addressed the structure of US society and the issues of poverty. I don’t know what to suggest of that front other than to repeat what I’ve said in the past which is to each bring back jobs to our countries which have been sent abroad, even if it’s just on phone services for banks that have been shipped to India.For something to be Made in America should mean all parts made there and not just parts bought abroad assembled there.It may mean adjustments in trade agreements but those can be worked out in order to give the unemployed a wage and some self respect.The environmental issue itself still remains though and agreements made to lessen our carbon footprints should be kept.
      I have no issue at all with curtailing populations like China did. Families that keep on having children when they have no means to support them should not be able to rely on the State to do so unless of course the parent(s) were able to support them when the children were conceived.

      Your pontification is always well thought out Frederick and a pleasure to read even if full agreement isn’t there. I think a lot of these problems would fade to insignificant if only they would offer me a job as Benevolent Dictator of the World.
      Hugs my friend.


  8. Dear David,
    I share many of your concerns, and at the same time fear that so much negativity from everyone is going to be damaging not to Trump, but to the world. I think we need to send Trump good energy, and try to overcome, – if not evil – wrongheadedness – with good.
    By concentrating on the negative we give it power, but by sending good energy ( blessings) we can change the energy, or at least negate it. Whenever I realise I’m thinking negatively about Trump – or anyone- I mentally send them the Buddhist blessing: ‘ May you be happy, may you free from suffering, may you come home to your completeness’… and I send it to you also, dear David,
    Love Valerie
    I also send this to those I love.. or even some wretch who has overtaken me dangerously when driving !!!!


    • davidprosser says:

      Hi Valerie,
      I’m sure you’re right but this is my immediate reaction when something happens. After that it’s more positive as I try to think of ways to negate the terrible things that are happening.I see much stupidity and greed in most things being done. The travel ban on 7 mainly Muslim countries counts as stupidity to me as they haven’t created problems for The U.S. but certainly will do if Mr. Trump makes enemies of them in this way. Greed I see in the selling off of Federal lands to those who want to drill for oil or dig for coal for profit when Mr. Trump is overturning U.S. agreement with the Paris accords on carbon emissions.
      I’ll make the effort to try sending good vibes and good energy over there from now on.
      xxx Sending you Humongous Hugs xxx


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