Why ?

Like many other people outside America I’m still stunned at the election of Donald Trump. Many of his election promises must have sounded good to a lot of people and that’s a thought I have to cling to rather than believe that racial prejudice is running as strongly as it ever did. As for Trump himself, despite having taken advantage of the low wages accepted by foreign labour I can well believe his prejudices.

In the week since his inauguration we’ve seen him sign documents to commence building a wall along the border with Mexico.No doubt some people believe this will cure all the ills of the US but how many have considered the down sides? Mexico is never going to pay for the building, it has no need to. So, the cost will likely land fair and square on the American citizen unless it gets added to the National debt. Further though is the likelihood that less visitors will come from Mexico so there will be job losses and a loss of income for border traders.

We’ve now also seen a document signed disallowing visitors into the Country from 7 places abroad. Noticeably these places are all Muslim Countries which is like saying All Muslims are bad Muslims which simply isn’t the case…..at least for now but Trump is going out of his way to make enemies of them all. Amongst all those held at airports after de-planing is at least one Muslim who actually worked for the U.S.in his own country and now needs a place of safety. Once again I suggest there will be a big loss of income to the US as well as questions asked at the diplomatic level by other Countries.

At 5.15 am this morning I read a post that said a New York Judge had overturned Trump’s declaration as being Unconstitutional. he UCLA had also intended to take out law suits against him by a variety of clients. Hurrah for human decency.

Various Government departments have had  gag order from Trump so that they cannot report to the public new findings in fields like the Environment.Global warming it seems is not just to be denied but hidden too.

Following the various demonstrations held about the appointment of Trump and of the various appointments made by him 6 reporters have been arrested and may be charged with various things like inciting a riot , taking part in one or anything else that can be thought of. At the moment I don’t know if this is because the police have a grudge against the fourth estate or because Trump has declared war on them.                                               What is the biggest surprise to me is that the papers are not in uproar and filling their front pages with this story about an attack on their own. Surely they can’t be running scared of Trump, it’s their job to report on him and what he does. A suggestion by his white supremacist press secretary that they shut up and wait should not cow them. Come on chaps, grow a pair and support your own as well as keeping your public up to date with what happens in Government without fear or favour.

The world is never going to be a better place if we continue to tolerate the hate  and prejudice seen here. W cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by our politicians. They must be made to remember they work for us and under our instruction no matter their own personal feelings. If they can’t do that, or will only work to fill their own snouts at the trough then they must go.

Speak to your representatives and ask them to vote against further moves to ban refugees as a humanitarian gesture. Bring a little more love to the World.

Hands shake in agreement while embracing the world


About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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24 Responses to Why ?

  1. I never thought it could happen…never thought it would happen. Now that it has happened it is still hard to believe…

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  2. Tina Frisco says:

    Trump and the Republicans are acting like brats let loose in a candy store! Trump has managed to ‘make America great again’ by uniting us, and all the world, in resistance ~ against him. He’s in for a rude awakening. And while we’re waiting for that awakening, it’s important to keep positive thoughts, send out positive energy, take positive action, and simultaneously keep abreast of all shenanigans of this administration. Collecting and sharing data is vital; dwelling on it is self-sabotage. The women’s marches took place in all 50 states and in 57 different countries. This was a first in the history of humankind. The snowball is now rolling downhill. Trump and the Republicans are at the bottom. And they’re too self-centered to see it coming. They will be their own undoing.

    Everything unfolds in an orderly fashion. As above, so below. The patriarchy is dying and rearing its head for one last stand. United, we will get through this troubling time. This is the time of which the prophecies of most cultures and religions have spoken centuries ago. They speak of us moving into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. We are in the storm before the calm. It’s imperative that we recognize this and come from a place of love in our hearts instead of reacting out of fear. While staying abreast of U.S. and world affairs, it’s crucial that any and all action we take be nonviolent and positive. Love is the only answer to such treachery and tragedy. Love is the ONLY answer . . . 💖

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  3. merrildsmith says:

    David, I know the majority is against him, but it is disheartening. I was happy to see the news last night about the court ruling. Friends have also posted clips showing protests at airports. I’ve been trying to make calls and send postcards to Senators and Representatives–we really need them to speak out. Unfortunately, most of the Republicans (and some Democrats, too) are simply rolling over to have DT scratch their bellies. We do need love instead of hate, and I am so upset that DT’s hateful agenda has made it to the White House. It’s OK to spend billions on a wall, but not on education or healthcare? A cabinet of swamp monsters who have spoken out against the agencies they are supposed to appointed to head? It has become difficult to know exactly what to protest and to whom.

    Sorry–end rant.
    Massive hugs to you, David. Keep speaking out for peace and love!

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    • davidprosser says:

      I know DT has or had many supporters but what he’s said on the way to the White House and what little he’s done since e got there are proof enough that he’s not suitable for the position.He’s bringing the title into disrepute and ruining America’s image at home and abroad as well as showing none of the humanity the US is famed for.
      I’d wish a better fate for my friends over the pond and hope that things can change rapidly to easy the stress everywhere.
      As we said in the 60’s, Make Love Not War.
      xxx Humongous Hugs Merril xxx

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  4. Dear David — You know that I’ve been trying to relocate (across the country) for 5 years. Imagine how much worse the itch to get away is now that I have to wonder what retaliation from other countries/groups might literally land on my doorstep…
    All these things happen, yet so many council to keep quiet, “turn the other cheek”, don’t alienate the millions who might agree with “Number 45. But it’s that kind of thinking that has given us mass atrocities throughout history. It aggravated me to the point that I did this post on Facebook yesterday. After all, at the core, tyrants are bullies and abusers.
    Anyone can be afraid. There were plenty of times when I was afraid. I’ve even known what it is like to fear for one’s life (and rightfully so).
    I cannot and would not criticize anyone for being afraid.
    However, when anyone advocates bowing down to bullies… when they criticize or disdain the abused… or when they criticize those who stand up to abusers. I have one simple thing to say to them — There is blood on your hands.
    Look at history and see that I am right. Look at the news to see how often victims of abuse are murdered.
    Advising others to bow down to any form of bullying is no different than giving support to that bully.
    Okay… I’ll step down from my Julia Sugarbaker soapbox now.

    The end.

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    • davidprosser says:

      Oh Teagan, you words couldn’t have been any truer. Giving in to abuse only encourages the abuser. You have to shout them down, make sure everyone knows this is what they do until they daren’t bully any longer.
      The bullies in the middle East who don’t want to let people worship in the way they want who are happy to kill women and children to make their point have to go down. The same as those who come from there to the West in the hopes of scaring people with death must go down.
      I’m so sorry you’ve had times when you’ve been in fear of your life. I would have protected you.
      I’m also sorry you haven’t managed to get your move across Country as you hoped but I’m crossing everything so you won’t be in danger where you are. These days you’re probably more in danger from your own side if Trump is anything to go by. You can always come to Wales.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  5. You are an eloquent voice, David. Bravo. XX

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  6. Good read! Things are definitely a bit scary now, but I hope that public pressure will influence the White House to do the moral thing as we move forward.


    • davidprosser says:

      I hope so too Belanger. It’s worrying though that there’s already been a resignation. Not because the man is Pro-Russian but because it’s been said he misled the President who denied knowing anything about the contraversial conversations before late last week though his Pressman Sean Spicer says he’s been mulling the problem over for a couple of weeks.
      Given some of the people Trump has surrounded himself with and his attitude to money I can’t honestly see the moral lead coming from the White House.
      Moving forward for him seems to be reintroducing oil pipelines that have caused controversy because they cross Indian grounds and will contaminate their water supply and selling off Federal Lands to mine for oil and coal.Not exactly a bright future for alternative fuel.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  7. Denzil says:

    Well said. Over in Europe we are sympathizing with you. We have the nonsense of Brexit to occupy us over here.


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