Politics Is Ugly: Can We Change It?

I reblog this not because Lisa and I share the same politics but we do share the same opinion of what politics should be. It should not be necessary to lie to the voters and to create situations whereby it’s OK to create xenophobia and hate. We need politicians who can treat he other side with some respect and some consideration.. But if they’re caught out in a deliberate lie we should have the power to sack them as you would be able to with any other employee. Politicians are our employees really since our taxes pay their salaries.
Lats create an environment where we can point to a politician and tel our children “There goes an honest man/woman”. Lats get rid of the hate the politicians are creating and give someone a Hug today.

The Last Krystallos

I don’t often, if ever, get political on my blog, but I am political.
I am a big fighter for human justice, fairness and compassion,
and the way the world is lead is important to me.

Politics is Ugly - Lies and Deceit – We Need Change - The Last Krystallos
I don’t want this post to be about my political leanings.
We all have them and in this world, at least where I live, we are free to air them. I realise not all parts of the world have this freedom, and I am very grateful that I live with political freedom. Our views, our opinions and our politics are our own and we are allowed them.

Politics is getting very ugly.

Some of you, who are much better historians than me, will point out that politics has always been ugly.That it’s always been full of lies, deceit, ambition, and corruption. You’re probably right. But with the advent of social media, we…

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Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J. Oscar even has his own book now, but the writing has stopped.
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12 Responses to Politics Is Ugly: Can We Change It?

  1. Dear David, I begin to think that respect and consideration are dead things in politics, government, and the general workplace… We need someone like you in charge. 🙂 Mega hugs.

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  2. inavukic says:

    Couldn’t agree more, David – Hugs galore 🙂

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  3. That was a good post David by Lisa. I found it fascinating that Clinton, despite the media portrayal was right down at the bottom of the list of lying bastards, only one above Obama. And look at the rap he has received for Obamacare.

    On British politics, with which I’m more familiar. I’ve been to PMs QT. And the session in Downing Street with Bernard Ingham. It is all the same. Total posturing. Why? Because politics has traditionally been run by men, so any women coming in, Thatcher, May, have to play by the unspoken rules. It will take a long time, if ever, to change society. Personally, I doubt it.

    For example, I’m still racked off with all the whingey moany whiney pro EU people continuing to bleat. Just shut up and suck it. Like I would have done had the vote gone the other way.

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    • davidprosser says:

      I think there are a few people who’ve been decent enough to blush as they find we’re not in the pickle that all the harbingers of doom predicted would happen if Brexiteers won. The dips were not caused by the result but rather by the panic actions of those who expected a disaster not waiting to see. The UK doesn’t seem to have sunk beneath the waves and everything is recovering nicely.
      The request for a new trade agreement with Australia seems to indicate we’ll do OK and I feel confident in predicting that the EU will in the end play fair to keep us close. I don’t think the nay-sayers will have much to moan about soon. Maybe even Scotland will be happy enough not to break away.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx


      • So the pound dropped. It’s around £1.20 to the euro. I think it was £1.08 at it’s lowest, baling out the bank time, well before Brexit. But. That doesn’t affect most people. I’m pleased with Australia, and I think it will level out too. It’s not the end of the world despite crying teenagers. Bloody hell. I bet they didn’t get up at 5am to do a paper round in South Wales (him), or work on the market aged I can’t even remember (me).

        What part of people are sick of it, does anyone not understand? I’ve been surprised by a few Brexit voters, and you are one of them. But what is the EU doing for Britain? We put more money in than we get out. Uh? Really sensible, yes? No. We have food banks. The average earnings in the UK have gone down by ten per cent and we are at the bottom of the OECD with Greece. That’s real progress isn’t it?

        Catalonia is pushing for independence from Spain mind, so … maybe Scotland might go it. Can’t say I blame them. We like our Welsh mates though. They did hellish well in football and voted for Brexit. Apart from the posh bits. However, surely that says everything. Anyway off to cook a typical English curry 🙂

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      • davidprosser says:

        Ha, I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing to have been able to surprise you, but I think I’m glad I did. I’ve always thought we could be allied to Europe without being ruled by them. We don’t have a European temperament being an island race and I don’t think we understand it. We’re there when there is a war and in NATO, that should be enough apart from trade. The EU wastes money and their legislation is often ludicrous. Some obey and some ignore which is not the unity they talk of. I’m sure others regret joining and are watching us closely. I wonder who’ll be the next to go.
        Enjoy the curry.
        xxx Huge Hugs xxx


      • Surprise is good 🙂

        We were always going to vote no, but we should be classic yes. House in Spain and living in Gib. Potential problems.

        But, our principles came first based on loads of reasons. And I agree with your summary. Independence feels free. And as the economy is shit anyway, how much worse can it get? Oh. Could be bad if poor bankers in the City are laid off 😦 My heart bleeds.

        I don’t think you or I are rascist. After all, we are welsh and english and still in contact. Let alone the 31-years of living with one. I think the Xenophobia has been taken out of context. Racism always exists. Everywhere. Brexit wasn’t about racism. Brexit was about disillusionment and the only way to rebel that the orderly British can do. How much anything will change is another matter, but still, a pleasant moment was had on my Welshman’s birthday on the 24th. 🙂

        Big cwtch.


  4. Hi David. I read this article and posted this response (written rather hurriedly, I’m afraid):
    As we grow old (and I really don’t mean this to sound patronising) we see the world in a different way. And one of the clear perspectives we gain is the way the concept of Democracy (capital ‘D’) energises the idealism of youth. It takes years of direct and applied experience to recognise that Democracy is just a word; a totem used by those who espouse power to manipulate that idealism and bend it to their cause – which is, of course, the acquisition of wealth. The two go hand in hand. The young are their engine, the old are the waste product. So whatever your political affiliations they are being directed towards extremes, whether that is the power of the unions or the purses of the capitalists. Most of us, of course, are in the middle, which makes us inclined to question either alternative. As the debates become heated the lies spatter about like pebbles in a gale, but the point, unfortunately, is that basic concept is, in itself, a lie. So it doesn’t matter, really. These are just belligerent people throwing mud at each other.
    The EU – a lie. Brexit – everything as it used to be – a lie. And here is the wonder of our future: the ensuing generations can find the real answers. They are here, on this great institution we call the Worldwide Web. Where once I had to believe what my press told me I can now read comment from all over the world. You no longer need to listen to the propagandists of the BBC, you can go to CNN or Fox News, if you like. True internationalism in practice. So the future is bright. I even question how much longer criminal politicians will be able to hold themselves above the law – how long it will be before decisions made by leaders that cost thousands of lives can be called to account on the big stage. And the problem that presents is how democracy (small ‘d’) can survive when that comes to pass.

    Thank you for your blog. I hope you won’t mind if I follow.

    Hugs from Fred.

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    • davidprosser says:

      Always a delight to see you Frederick. I was hoping the threat to take Tony Blair to court for his actions in sending troops to Iraq would come to pass as a sign hat things are changing. It looks as though the threat is not to be a tangible goal just yet. But, the intent is a promise of what may happen in the future and I’m filled with hope.
      I want to see a time when politicians are answerable for their actions other than just by the ballot box.Possibly the young will bring that about so that no more lives need be lost in needless wars. I always live in hope.

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  5. Me too, David. Me too.


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