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And always be ready with a Hug. People don’t realise how much they need one until they’ve had one and their tension levels drop.

Soul Gatherings

heart I

Listen with ears of tolerance!
See through the eyes of compassion!
Speak with the language of love!

~ Rumi ~

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About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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5 Responses to Today’s Quote

  1. Your comment is spot-on David. About 20 years ago there was a big deal about hug therapy and how hugely beneficial it was. What ever happened to that…? (Rhetorical question…) Mega hugs my friend.

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  2. Everyone should see this first thing when they face the morning mirror. ❤ ❤ ❤

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