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Heartfelt Plea

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How wonderful

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A truism we should all follow so that we don’t return to a World of what happened to Anne Frank and her family. Bright, shiny objects! View original post

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Thursday Re-View — Americans All

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[9/11 Memorial Museum Dedication Week] She was beautiful. Dressed in a fashionable ensemble, a dusty rose hijab with black piping covering her hair, she stood hesitant, alone, lost. I asked how I could help. Her…

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The Dalai Lama

Probably one of the most iconic names in the world is that of the Dalai Lama exiled by the Chinese Government from his own Country, Tibet, a man of peace who can only speak about his cause where he cannot … Continue reading

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as we celebrate the life of one hero, martin luther king –

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we honor him with the words and life of another.

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Today’s Quote

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The world is my country; mankind is my brethren; to do good is my religion. ~ Thomas Paine ~ ________________

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Just a gesture.

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Few of us are able to go out and do news-worthy work in the cause of peace and unity. At the moment, I’m sure many are wondering if we can do anything at all. Every…

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Tuesday’s Quote

Today’s quote comes to you courtesy of the delightful Pooh Bear who was such a wise little fellow with such a simplistic view of life. It really is the little things in life that are important. The little things that…

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I Had A Dream

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Original Photo : Text & Adaption : Helen Midgley

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The Lorax Speaks.

My excellent friend the wonderful Teagan Geneviene found this for me yesterday and thought it might be suitable for The Buthidars. For anyone who remembers this, it should be a perfect reminder that what was true as children is more … Continue reading

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