Christmas 1914

Appropriate for this time of year and in memory of those who lost their lives 100 years ago. Imagine the deaths of What was called The Great War, the war to end all wars. Imagine the deaths of WWII and Burma, Vietnam, The Falklands, Iraq.

So many young people. Husbands , brothers, sons as well as daughters, sisters and wives. Imagine all the innocent lives taken as ‘collateral damage’. The generations that wouldn’t be born because parents had died. Do we really want to continue this way?

In 1914 the troops, the ‘enemy’ were able to share a part of themselves on Christmas day showing they had no real wish to kill each other. Those decisions were made by a few people elsewhere. Maybe it’s time we stopped listening to them unless we ourselves are attacked and need to defend our families. Are oil supplies belonging to someone else so important, and the profits for the arms manufacturers a necessity?

Hugs to all.

About davidprosser

Retired Local Government Officer who started to write at age 60 and hasn't looked back. Writes a humorous diary on the life of a member of the gentry.......and the village he lives in with his sadistic early morning alarm cat Oscar and his wife the formidable Lady J.
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2 Responses to Christmas 1914

  1. Well said, David. Mega hugs!

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    • davidprosser says:

      Thank you Sweetie Mike Haring is a well know comedian and folk singe. This has always been my favorite song of his and does resonate with me. I was luckier than some, I got my grandfather back but if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t be here,
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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