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Waking up in a peaceful place is part of the allure of provincial life. We do not need to watch out for anything unexpected, contented to live as simple as possible. On the contrary, all those…

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Let Peace Begin With Me

My good friend Teagan found this piece on Linked In by …… Angela Ahrendts   Senior Vice President, Apple Retail I’ve always tried to focus my comments on simple leadership lessons I’ve learned that might somehow, somewhere, someday help others. I’ll … Continue reading

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Natures Wisdom

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Let’s learn to live with things around us.Let’s learn to live in peace with the World. kat says View original post

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QUOTE…by John Lennon

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We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got…

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Sunshine-super-hugs to all of you! Why?  Do I need a reason? You’ll have to click through to YouTube… I hope this video makes you feel as good as it made me feel. Great-big hug,…

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What the World Needs Now is Peace. Don’t Let Hate Win !!

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As i sit down to write this post, the world is becoming a dangerous place. It’s slowly being consumed by hate, prejudice, stereotypes and most of all religious fundamentalism. A week ago there was a siege…

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Atrocities by Monsters,

I have always promised myself to keep this site religion free since I have no beliefs in that direction myself. And, I tend to find that within religion. the ordinary people tend to be much of a muchness. People prepared … Continue reading

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Teaching for the future.

  If racism i not something you’re born with, then someone is teaching it. Those who oppose racism need to speak LOUDER to children and say why it’s wrong. Isn’t it worth making sure something is on your child’s school … Continue reading

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Are You A Superhero? Strap on Your Cape and Make a Difference #kindness #foodbanks #MFRWAuthor

A timely reminder that this time of year is often the hardest for some people. All year is hardest for others. We can all spare something for our fellow man. Even a Hug.

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Remember me when I leave Embrace me when I come Give people flowers while they can smell them ********************************************* This holiday season Give thanks and praise Some have more Some have less Keep your mind…

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