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The Thing About Life

Hugs are the way to channel love to the hardest heart.

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KNIT-A-SQUARE…spread the word

Originally posted on Meeka's Mind: I can’t knit to save my life, but I can spread the word of this glorious, grassroots inspired charity. And so can you. Just for the record, I met Sandy McDonald – the…

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You Are Not Forgotten

We should not forget the world is full of pain we can end. We have but to call on our humanity and spread the brotherhood of peace.

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Here’s a reminder from 1982 that the hope for peace was as alive and kicking as it is today. Maybe the reminder will make you wonder how much progress we’ve made in 32 years. Maybe you’ll make sure others move … Continue reading

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Turning Night Into Day

Originally posted on Writing Between the Lines:
There was once a wise old rabbi who asked his students, “How can you know the exact moment when night ends and day begins?” “I think I know,” said one of his pupils.…

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Because You Can

Why not cast your stone and start a ripple tomorrow?

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