We Need Each Other

As it says, we’re more alike than unalike.Perhaps we can live together.

Uphill Battle with Kim

Hi Guys, I feel this video has a very important message in it,  please watch it.

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Diwali or Deepavali

On 30th October the Hindu celebration of Diwali starts. For 5 days The Festival of Light celebrates good overcoming evil.
I’m known for not holding any religious faith as I believe that many of the problems this world has had or still has, come from the divisions religion cause. I’d rather see mankind come together as one, keeping their beliefs personal, and strive to live together in peace and love.

This particular celebration seems to transcend religion and it seems the whole of India comes together to celebrate as one. Each year people of all communities welcome new hope into their lives through this festival, negative forces are believed to be removed from one’s home and one’s life. Very often the home is painted in attractive colours but each corner is lit up to dispel shadows.

Wouldn’t it be good if we too could join in and dispel the shadows from our lives and shine some light and bring fresh hope? I never get tired of the idea that maybe hope will eventually lead to something more. The granting of our wish of Peace between us all recognised by those who send our children off to fight and die for the control of oil.

I send Hugs to all my friends known and unknown and hope you remember the joy a hug can bring to others. To all my friends who will celebrate Diwali I say…..
May this diwali light up new dreams, Fresh hopes, everything bright & beautiful and fill your days with surprises.
Happy Diwali 2016 !!



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Light your candle of peace!

A small comment of a new friend’s blog post led to this wonderful poem being written.
Hugs to all.

Success Inspirers' World

“If one candle can light the path of peace I will provide candles to approach it from all directions” (Lord David Prosser).

This is the comment I got in my comment box Sunday morning of September 16, 2016 when I got up in the early hours of the day to blog before proceeding to Church. It came in response to my poem, A candle is enough.

It motivated me to immediately dash over to Lord David Prosser’s blog to know him better. I found that this “retired ex Local Government Officer with a horse mad wife’ has a thrilling story to tell. He is an author anyone would love to read. However,that is not what has prompted me to talk about him. What makes me talk about him now is my mind was set ablaze by his comment and I ended up with a poem: Light your candle of peace

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Talks Breakdown

It saddens me beyond belief that the ceasefire in Syria broke down last week with an attack on an aid convoy heading for Aleppo the Northern Syria city in the hands of the rebels. Both sides are blaming each other for the breakdown but in all conscience this time I can only see that Syria and Russia are to blame. Since that time they’ve kept up a constant regime of bombing during which the main hospital has been hit twice. Even those suffering illness and wounds are not safe.

America set itself up as the arbiter of peace in this instance and I think it wrong that there should be an attempt to walk away now. John Kerry must attempt everything to re-engage with his Russian counterpart to bring the ceasefire back. There are about 100,000 children in Aleppo and we need to bring them some respite from the war that is the only thing some of them have known.

France is pushing the United Nations security council to adopt a toughly worded resolution to the Syrian Government to  halt aerial bombardments and let in humanitarian aid. I understand there is also the threat of accountability for war crimes as an inducement. Whatever else happens we must push out Governments to vote for the resolution and also to do everything they can in an individual approach to the Syrian Government to show some mercy to those trapped in the city. Also to register their dismay at the Russian action as the allies of Syria. The agreement between Russia and the U.S. to target the militants from the jihad groups needs to be restarted or the Government will be destabilised even if the war should end.

First and foremost our thought must be with the non-combatants inside this besieged city and getting them food and medicines so badly needed. Mankind seems to be missing a heart.

Hugs to all.

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The Ceasefire Holds.

This morning I saw the news showing a group of children having great fun on swings and roundabouts. Nothing unusual in that you’d think until you looked around and saw the devastation of the city around them. They were playing surrounded by ruins of the homes they once lived in without walls and floors and with the debris of once normal lives flowing round them.
These are the children of Syria taking pleasure in the ceasefire between the Russian supported Government and the Rebels ( or Freedom fighters) supported by various others.


Children celebrating Eid al-Adha in Idlib Province, Syria. CreditMuhammed Najdat Kaddour

The picture above is one I hadn’t expected to see given that normally there might be Russian planes dropping bombs on this rebel held city. It’s a joy to see a degree of normality in the children’ lives from our point of view in a period anything but normal in their short lives. I have to hope that the ceasefire delicate though it is, continues and that somehow an agreement is worked out that brings an end to this conflict.

I’m sad that the Army has backed President Assad and kept him in power so long though I don’t know what the effect would have been had he left and allowed the Rebels to form a new Government. Given that the rebels are part Al Quaeda and part American vetted groups plus other factions I doubt concensus would have been found easily. What I do know is that these children deserve a life. They deserve homes and a future not decided by bombs. They deserve Hugs to show the World is with them and that the life they’ve currently known is not normal, that a better life lies ahead of them.

I hope the ceasefire lasts the full 7 days and then carries on, this fragile peace becoming something permanent to bring some stability to the region. The refugees will be anxious to return to their families and there are children who have never known peace who need to learn how to play without fear of warplanes flying overhead dropping bombs

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Florida State University Receiver Travis Rudolph Made Incredible Gesture to Boy with Autism

Here it is, proof that kindness is alive and kicking still. A story that might pass us by were it not for the special circumstances surrounding the little boy.
Travis Rudolph’s mother can be very proud of her sporting son who hasn’t forgotten his heart and become too big for his football boots.




(photo via facebook.com) (photo via facebook.com)

article by Extra Mustard via si.com

Florida State receiver Travis Rudolph brightened up the day of a boy with autism, so much so he made the boy’s mother cry.

Rudolph and some other Seminoles were visiting a middle school Tuesday afternoon when Rudolph noticed a boy eating his lunch alone. Rudolph decided he would give the boy company and join him for lunch with a couple slices of pizza. The boy’s mother, Leah Paske, found out about the gesture, and was incredibly moved.

Paske wrote a lengthy Facebook post describing the encounter, which she said brought her to tears:

Here is the full text of Paske’s post:

Several times lately I have tried to remember my time in middle school, did I like all my teachers, do I even remember them? Did I have many friends? Did I sit with anyone at lunch? Just how mean were kids…

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Musical Interlude

I woke at 1.18 am today and since I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to hit Youtube and listen to James Taylor. He’s had amazing longevity since his breakthrough in 1970 with Fire and Rain. He was just 22 when that happened. He hasn’t stopped since then. Many of his songs have a real significance in the lyrics that resonate with his fans, and they are legion as James Taylor is one of the biggest selling artists of all time ….over 100 million.

Another set of artistes from the same era were Simon and Garfunkel. They wrote superb songs with lyrics that could bring tears to the eyes and make those tears flow once they started to sing. Lyrics are what define a generation and for me the generation I grew up in sang about love peace and friendship. That’s never changed for me. I added this particular James Taylor song and now this Simon and Garfunkel song just to let you all know how I feel and to remind you that though I can’t be around very much I will be here for you.

I’m sure you all know many songs with special lyrics that affect you. No doubt some of you are wondering why I haven’t used Motown songs since I’m such a fan but I’ve tried to go for two that say just what I want .

I send you Massive Hugs and ask you to pass them round, especially to any Muslim friends you have to let them know we realise they are not responsible for the actions of a few savages.


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